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Explore Japan and Get Cozy at Karaksa Hotel

Monday, July 31, 2017

     My ultimate dream destination is in the land of the rising sun, Japan! I have a thing with Japanese culture and studying basic Nihonggo when I was in college is one of the proof that I'm so in love with their culture. It's every Pinoy traveler’s dream destination-why wouldn’t it be, the place is screaming with so much culture and life, and every attraction is bucket-list worthy: the gleaming temples and architectures, modern cityscapes a la sci-fi film, stunning parks in vibrant colors, heavenly hot springs—all begging to be explored. In fact, Japan is the fourth most-visited country in Asia last year according to the World Tourism Organization, so it’s no doubt that it’s on top of most people’s bucket lists.

     I'm saving big time for our Japan trip in the future and when travel comes to mind, the first thing to consider is the accommodation. Where to stay and how much will it cost? I think I've found an answer that I'm sharing with you after the jump :)

Explore Japan and Get Cozy at Karaksa Hotel
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