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Product Review: Gluta Advance White and Firm Soap

Sunday, January 11, 2015

     Hi dearies! Here's another review of whitening soap that I'm sure whitening skin care fanatics will be interested to try. There are so many whitening soaps in the market today. Different combinations and formulations so I presume many are having a hard time choosing what brand to buy. Aside from whitening and anti-aging combo, whitening and slimming/firming is making a name in the limelight of Filipina skin care essentials.

     Gluta Advance White and Firm is the brand behind the whitening and firming combination in their skin care products. This combination is present in their soap, facial wash, facial toner, facial cream, and lotion. Today, I'll be reviewing their Gluta Advance White and Firm Soap. Click CONTINUE READING to know more about the product.
Product Review: Gluta Advance White and Firm Soap
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Feature: Gluta Advance White and Firm

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

     Skin lightening among Filipinos is a craze that will always stay in trend because this is what the western culture has instilled in us. This is also the reason why there are so many skin whitening/brightening/lightening products in the market today from cheap, to cost-effective and high-end ones. Some can give you long-term effects while others are temporary so with continued use of the products will definitely give maximum results. This is the reason why I always say that one month usage is not enough. I've tried and tested different brands of whitening products like soaps, lotions, creams, toners and facial washes sold in the market today and I can say that most of the product are mainly focused on the whitening department.

     What if one brand also wants to give you another promising result aside from whitening? Will you give this product a try? That's what Gluta Advance White and Firm has to offer. Finally, Glutathione takes on a new face to redefine the shape of what skin and body can be. To tell you honestly, I've seen their products last year but wasn't able to give it a shot. I'm having second thoughts on the "firm-ing' part but I have to try one or two from the line because it contains L-Carnitine. I've tried L-Carnitine supplements before and they've actually work. To know more about this promising product, click CONTINUE READING and discover how you can have a whiter and firmer skin with Gluta Advance White and Firm!
Feature: Gluta Advance White and Firm


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