Easy Soft Shoes by World Balance

Feature: Easy Soft Shoes by World Balance

Sunday, June 30, 2019

     One of the most exciting yet can be a stressful season for kids and moms is back-to-school. Time for new beginnings- classmates, friends, teachers, school supplies, and uniforms. This is the season when moms like me make a to-buy list of school essentials that kids will use for the school year. One of the essential that is overused and abused is the school shoes.

     Love the rhyming there but this momma loves a pair of school shoes that is easy on the budget, can withstand rainy days, comfortable to walk and run with and looks nice when worn. We've tried a handful of brands before that's over my budget thinking that it is durable and will last until the end of the school year but Nah. After months of wearing, the school shoes of choice will either have a detached sole (because my son runs a lot) or it's not nice to wear anymore because dents and scratches are already visible. This school year will be different because I was introduced to a brand that will pass all the criteria I'm looking for school shoes- meet Easy Soft by World Balance.

Feature: Easy Soft Shoes by World Balance 


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