Feature: Cecon Vitamin C + Cecon Supermoms Event

Friday, November 10, 2017

     It's not easy to be a mom but it's the most rewarding job that a woman can have and be proud of. Imaging the household chores and other tasks to look after the welfare of the family. Tiring, exhausting, but at the end of the day it's fulfilling. As a stay-at-home mom where I do a lot of chores all day, every day, I've learned how to be strong physically and emotionally but there were times that all my "pagod" is taking its toll on me.

     Even a supermom is getting tired after a long day of work that's why it is important for us moms to learn how to take a break, relax, and pamper ourselves once in a while. Weeks ago, I was invited to an intimate event for the moms who dedicate their lives to their family- The Cecon Supermoms event. I'll share the highlights of this inspiring event below :)

Feature: Cecon Vitamin C + Cecon Supermoms Event


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