Caronia Salon Care

Feature: The Caronia Salon Care

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

     Just recently, the trusted for decades and passed on from one generation to another nail care brand Caronia- provided Filipinas a way to express who they really are through their colorful nails. Whether you’re a glitter kind of girl or you just simply want the colors to match with your outfit, the country’s pioneer and leading nail polish brand has a wide collection of vibrant colors to add more style to the already fashionable you!

     But what is “style”, really, if your nails aren’t totally clean? How can you go on if your manicure is chipped? Ka-stress! Good thing Caronia—as always—is here to save the day with Caronia Salon Care! Caronia gives you these mani-pedi essentials to help you prepare your nails before applying colorful nail art on them. See a short feature of what includes the Caronia Salon Care kit below :)

Feature: The Caronia Salon Care 
The Caronia Salon Care Kit includes the following:

  • The Salon Care comes in three variants: the Caronia Nail Polish Remover, Cuticle Remover, and Cuticle Sanitizer which help clear the way for a gentle mani-pedi experience and sees to it that your true colors stand out! 
  • You can easily wipe away the leftovers from your previous manicure using the Caronia Nail Polish Remover for a smoother color application. 
  • Then, rub some of Caronia’s Cuticle Remover to get rid of overgrown cuticles and achieve a cleaner palette. 
  • And lastly, use Caronia Cuticle Sanitizer to disinfect your nails for a healthier-looking polish.
Feature: The Caronia Salon Care 
     The Caronia Salon Care lets you be as stylish as you want without ever worrying about your colors chipping off. Because if you trust only the experts in nail care, you can #KeepThingsColorful and be stylish any time of the day.

     Caronia Salon Care is available in four sizes- 30mL, 60mL, 125mL and 250mL in major retailers, supermarkets, department stores, and drug stores nationwide.


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