Beside U Tomey Crossbody Bag

Beside U Bags featuring Tomey Crossbody Bag

Thursday, May 23, 2019

     Aside from coffee, milk tea, and eyebrow, there's one thing that I can call my life and that is my trusty bag. “Dala mo nanaman buong bahay nyo”- what friends keep on saying because I always bring large sized bags wherever I go. I can’t leave the house without my trusty bag that has everything I need to take on the daily challenges.

     Since I always bring a huge bag, the weight takes a toll on my shoulder and back causing pain. I know that it's not good because I'm causing more injury to my mild scoliosis. I also noticed that the bags I have now doesn't compliment my outfit these days. If I'm going to look for a new bag, I want something that is functional, stylish, and secure and that's what the brand Beside U have in mind when they started selling bags. A brand that designed their bags with the goal to earn a place by your side. Sharing more about Beside U and the bag that I'm sporting in the photo below :)

Beside U Bags featuring Tomey Crossbody Bag


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