Beside Gateway Nutopia Grey

Beside U Bag- The Perfect Companion By Your Side

Tuesday, December 08, 2020

     This pandemic has changed our lives in many ways. We learned the value of cleanliness because now more than ever, hand washing became a habit. Even if we think our hands are clean, there's an urge to wash it with soap and water right away when it touches any surface. Speaking of adapting to changes, I also change the way how I bring my essentials. My motto now is the lesser, the smarter. The functional, the better. This implies how I carry my essentials most importantly my bag. 

     Since I only go out for errands or when there's an important matter to do, I need a bag that is lightweight, sturdy, easy to clean, and functional. If it's stylish, why not that's already a bonus. Looks like I've hit the jackpot when I saw the perfect errand bag from Beside U Bags Philippines. Know more about the features of their bags, and why I highly recommend this brand below.

Beside U Bag- The Perfect Companion By Your Side
Beside U Bag Gateway in Nutopia Grey. Super love this belt bag!!! I removed my mask and face shield just for photo op and I made sure no one is around. Back to mask and face shield after. 


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