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5 Ways to Teach Kids the Value of Money

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

     Growing up in a family with a bakeshop business has taught me a lot especially in handling money at an early age. We used to have a bakery in my parent's house and business starts as early as 4 in the morning. Since I'm the eldest, it's my responsibility to help run our 'panaderya' after school and on weekends.

     I'm the cashier that's why I learned the value of money and the difference of twenty pesos and a hundred bucks in terms of buying and selling bread products. From what I saw from my parents, you have to earn it the hard way in order for you to think more than twice before spending it. They instilled in me the difference between needs and wants and why it is important to save money at an early age. Now that I'm a mom to an adolescent, it's time to teach my son the simple tips that I've learned from my parents on the value of savings. 

5 Ways to Teach Kids the Value of Money


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