Feature: Attipas Baby Functional Shoes

Monday, November 03, 2014

    Hi dearies! I'm so excited to share with you my niece's ootd wearing Attipas Baby Functional Shoes. I was so curious about this baby/toddler shoes when I saw a baby wearing one last year. But too bad, I don't have a baby who will wear the shoes and my son who is 5 years old already will not fit in their largest shoe size.

     I'm so happy that our friends from Attipas still sent me this tiny little pair of functional shoes. So instead of Kenzo, another baby in the family will enjoy walking using the pair below. Attipas Baby Functional Shoes are not only cute, but also functional! It teaches your baby to walk correctly! To see who wore this oh so cute shoesies, click CONTINUE READING and smile!
Feature: Attipas Baby Functional Shoes


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