7 Unusual Birthday Party Theme Ideas for Your Celebrations!

Sunday, April 16, 2023

     If you are throwing a party in the USA, it can be hard to know the best way to celebrate. Having a themed party is a wonderful idea that will allow you to enjoy your success while adopting the guise of someone new and exciting for an evening. Let's take a look at seven unusual party theme ideas for you to think about.

7 Unusual Birthday Party Theme Ideas for Your Celebrations!
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Traveling Party

     Why stick at just one destination for your special night? With party bus rental in New Jersey, you can have your own mobile party destination, which can travel from restaurant to nightclub without the party ever stopping. Party buses can hold up to fifty people, and as well as containing comfortable seating and a wet bar (speak to your bus supplier about the extras on offer), they can even offer a dance floor so you can literally party non-stop!

Aliens and Astronauts

     Instead of dated themes, look to the future! Why not have everyone dress up as either an alien or an astronaut? Alien looks are easily achieved with face-paint and sparkly bodysuits, while astronauts just need white puffer jackets and face masks to achieve a reasonable approximation of spacemanship! Then add to the fun with foods like 'moon cheese' and biscuits – let your imagination run away with you! The playlist almost writes itself too: Rocketman, Space Oddity and more.

Pool Party

     A pool party is a tried and tested classic, perfect for those hot summer nights! Complete the fun with exciting floaties and glowsticks bobbing in the pool, a range of swimsuits for the guests to use if they aren't prepared – and a cosy chiminea or two to warm them up after their night time swims.

Formal Ball

     It is often a lament that 'no one dresses up anymore', so why don't you change that by hosting a formal ball for your guests? With the men in tuxedos and the women in beautiful gowns, all dancing to wonderful music played by live musicians, you can dance the night away with elegance and sparkle. A formal ball might be a grand event, but a few clever hacks can keep the costs low. Ambient lighting such as candles or fairy lights are a simple way to transform your back yard into a glittering backdrop for your birthday party.

Pirate Ball

     There is nothing more fun than a fancy dress party, and no fancy dress more evocative than a pirate costume! You can choose from a range of characters: from simple deck hand in striped shirt with a red bandana around your head to ornately attired pirate chief, with a long frock coat decorated with gold frogging and complete with a parrot on your shoulder for verisimilitude! Plenty of treasure chests filled with 'loot' (buffet food, party favours and the like) will complete the ambiance.

Pet Therapy Party

     If frenetic dancing, loud music and extroversion is not your thing, don't feel that you have to force yourself to take part in such an event, let alone host one. Instead, hold a pet therapy evening, in which trained therapy animals are brought to your venue, to provide comfort and companionship to you and your guests. Do check out your animal therapy providers to make sure they are reputable, and during the event, ensure that your guests understand that the animals' safety is paramount.

Gatsby (or other book) Party!

     If you have a favourite book, why not theme your party around that? There are hundreds of options, from Gatsby's lavish extravaganzas, to enactments of fantasy books, such as those from Terry Pratchett's Discworld, to the works of Dr Suess or Roald Dahl – all distinctive and well-loved.

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