What Makes Car Rides Better Than Commuting

Sunday, January 01, 2023

     In these tricky times when health and safety are of topmost priority, getting a car is one of the most common considerations that people tend to think about during the last couple of years. You can blame them, especially those who have multigenerational members in their households. If you are looking for reasons to support your plan to get your own vehicle, you're in luck as we’re discussing it below. A reminder, though: you have to resort to reading car reviews first as much as possible if you’re looking to get a car soon. This way, it will help you get clarity on at least two things: one, if getting a car is really what you want and need at the time and two, if the car models you’re checking out are the right ones for your current lifestyle.

What Makes Car Rides Better Than Commuting
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Car rides are more comfortable if you don’t want to get squished on the way to your destination.

     This is, perhaps, the most common reason cited by anyone who already has a car or is planning to get one: car rides are more comfortable, hands down. You no longer have to worry about getting limbs or any other body parts squished while commuting. It can happen on public transport, especially during rush hour when everyone’s trying to get to their destinations as soon as possible. No one wants that, right? Besides, who wants to deal with the body aches after a long day of toiling your hours away and getting food on the table?

Driving a car can help you implement social distancing more easily.

     We know that it’s not really possible to fully avoid contact with other people if you commute. You will always be in close proximity with someone, even if you’re just standing side by side. This is not ideal if you’re trying to distance yourself from others, as much as possible, to avoid contracting the dreaded virus. Therefore, having a vehicle of your own can help in significantly reducing the risks of transmitting the virus because you know for a fact that you have multiple layers of protection and distance from yourself and the person nearest to you (assuming that you’re mostly driving alone).

You can customize the vehicle for added comfort every time you need to go out for a ride.

     Another good thing about having your own car is that you can fully customize it according to your wants and needs. For instance, if you want to make the ride more comfortable, you can put a blanket on the backseat or change the upholstery to a more breathable material. You can also add other features such as a sunroof or a roof rack for better thermoregulation inside the car.

When you’re in your car, you don’t have to mind the stuff inside that much.

     With that being said, no need to think too deeply into the concept of making space for other people. After all, it’s your car and you can place whatever you want or need inside without worrying that other people may find the vehicle too cluttered or lacking space to sit on. Having a car will also give you that freedom to decide what goes inside your car, what types of supplies goes in the trunk, and all the other tiny details you need to consider if you have to go somewhere for a quick errand or a long car ride. After all, your car, your rules.

You don’t have to worry about hailing a cab, especially during rush hour.

     At the end of a tiring day, the last thing you want to do is to hail a cab only to get caught in a traffic jam. This can further add to your stress and fatigue, which is not ideal if you just want to go home, have dinner, and sleep as soon as possible. Aside from going through too much stress while trying to get a ride home, you get more exposed to people who may not want to observe social distancing at this point. When this happens, it’s almost inevitable for you to get in contact with people who may be suffering from symptoms, such as coughing and sneezing.

Incurring traffic violations and causing significant delays are not your major concerns.

     As a law-abiding citizen, you will surely not make it a point not to risk your driver’s license by going against certain traffic rules, such as beating the red light. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about getting reprimanded and getting delayed on your trip in the process. While there may be other people who may not be as tactful as you are when driving, at least it’s not on you to mind their business when you’re on the road.

You have a lower chance of falling victim to theft or robbery.

     While car owners can still be targets of this crime, you can significantly lower that risk by taking measures such as not driving in areas known for these crimes and making sure that you won’t leave important stuff behind. Also make sure to be vigilant at all times to ensure that you will not fall victim to their crimes, especially during this time that the holiday season is just around the corner.

There’s a lower chance of getting exposed when you need to head out and drive.

     This is especially important if you have to drive to work every day or need to go out for other important errands. When you’re behind the wheel, you can just focus on the road and not worry about getting exposed to other people. This is especially important if you’re with people who you can’t risk getting the virus. Children and immunocompromised elderly people are just some of the people in the list that should be protected at all times. By minimizing your physical contact with other people outside, you are already doing something significant to greatly minimize their chances of getting the virus.

You have more mobility, especially during those times that you need immediate transportation.

     If concerns, such as going on a quick errand or bringing a family member to the clinic for a routine checkup is common in your household, having a reliable vehicle ready when these needs arise is a priority. This helps make the logistics much easier for everyone because you do not need to have a hard time looking for the perfect vehicle that can do the job each time. It’s just there in the garage, waiting for the next trip to happen.

Braving the bad weather is not much of a pressing concern.

     Of course, if you can make it a point not to drive when there’s heavy downpour, that would be a lot better. This is one of the most common complaints of those who commute every day. Imagine you’re stressed out from working all day and you still need to brave the bad weather. Before you know it, the stress will have already compounded, and you can find yourself just wishing you were at home and sipping your favorite cup of hot coffee or chocolate. It’s tiring and it can definitely add to your stress levels. If you’re someone who values peace of mind and wants to avoid getting too stressed out, getting your own car can be a good solution for you.

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