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Monday, October 31, 2022

     Kids these days are always online that's why instead of worrying about the negative effects, take advantage of the positive ones. I'm thankful that technology has brought a lot of favorable things into our daily life and being online has helped me teach my son some of his school subjects, especially math. We all know that some kids fear math. They find numbers overwhelming and solving problems confusing. 

     I was surfing the internet months ago to look for resources and I stumbled upon a website named Calculators.org. At first, I thought it was a website about calculators but lo and behold, it's a math and educational website. I browsed the page and saw that aside from math and numbers, the gaming section of their site has some of the board games that I usually play when I was a child. It's nice to know that they offer a variety of other fun games for kids & people like me who are fond of playing these games during our childhood days.

Let's Play and Learn Online 

     Everyone's favorite board game- snakes and ladders well, I guess for the 90's kids. This game became an instant favorite family bonding game when I was a child. During weekends, my cousins would visit us in our house and play this game. This is a simple online virtual board game with dice where players can compete against up to 3 other friends or 3 other computer players. The game is exciting just like the old times. But here, I can play alone or versus the computer. I can also play the game together with my son. The snakes and ladder board games have simple graphics, the snakes and the player icon are cute! 

Let's Play and Learn Online 

     This game can be played by kids of school age because all they have to do is click the mouse on the screen of their tablet or iPad to roll the dice. Parents can guide or assist their child in playing the game and teach them to count while their player moves from left to right, climbing up the ladder or when sliding down the snake.

     Another game that I'm always excited to play on this website is the Grocery Cashier Cash Register Game. This is a simple cash register simulation game where players ring up customers, collect their payments, and deliver change. Fun Fact: we have a bakeshop and grocery store when I was a child. The bakery is my father's family business that's why at a very young age, I've been trained to man the store after school or during weekends. I help my parents sell different kinds of bread and I'm always assigned to the cashier.

Let's Play and Learn Online 

     This game gave nostalgic feeling every time I play it. I can see myself at the cashier, checking the items and adding them one by one so I can give the customer the total amount of the products he or she bought. The game is very easy to play. I like that it's slow-faced so that younger kids can play and enjoy themselves at the same time. I like that this game teaches math in a fun and enjoyable way. Kids will learn how to add the total amount of products they buy in the game and compute how much change they will receive after paying. Kids will have a grasp of the real situation at the grocery store. 

     If you're like me who likes playing online games, I highly recommend this website. There are so many math and educational games to choose from. They also have word, logic, classic, preschool, arcade, and music games. Have fun while leaning, let's play and learn online at Calculators.org.

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