Providing Equal Opportunities for Women in the World of Financial Education

Thursday, March 24, 2022

     SmarTrade has been successful in providing free learning sessions and personalized one-on-one financial coaching to the public in the past five years. At the core of the company is its vision to help each Filipino become financially adept and to train them on how they can make better investments for themselves and for their families. Over the years, SmarTrade has trained more than 20,000 Filipinos in financial literacy and the number continues to increase year on year.

     This milestone would not have been possible without the women and men working in the background to make this vision come to life. The company ensured that its working environment is open to anyone who is qualified to join its workforce, regardless of gender.

Providing Equal Opportunities for Women in the World of Financial Education

     It is not uncommon to see hardworking women in the financial services industry. Banks, insurance companies, trading firms and other financial institutions have been staffed with women who help make the gears work. SmarTrade, in particular, prides itself on its gender-equity policies where it provides equal opportunities to men and women to succeed in the world of financial education.

     As a testament to this, 54% of SmarTrade’s workforce are women and 30% are in management positions. Its partner trading platform, ATFX, is comprised of 48% women in its workforce, providing career advancement and leadership opportunities to women globally.
Providing equal opportunities to every Filipino is a belief we uphold here in SmarTrade. We see the beauty in each of our differences and we acknowledge the unique skills and talents that each person brings to the table, regardless of their gender,” said SmarTrade CEO Joyce Ann Mayo. “This month, however, is more special to our female employees so we do our best to celebrate their contribution to the company.”

     With March 8 being International Women’s Day, SmarTrade and ATFX launched a month-long campaign aimed to foster diversity and gender equality in the workplace. This includes the promotion of health and wellness talks and the distribution of tokens of appreciation to all its female employees. Beyond the campaign, SmarTrade is also actively onboarding women coaches to be part of SmarTrade and provide more opportunities for growth and success.

Providing Equal Opportunities for Women in the World of Financial Education

This is something that we want to do, especially during this pandemic where everyone’s mental health has been affected in one way or another,” Mayo expounded. “The women in SmarTrade are daughters and moms and we believe that by filling their cup, they are able to lead happy lives, which in turn, makes them happy employees, too. Success is always a two-way street and personally, I believe that employees who are well taken care of also takes care of the companies they work for.”

     With a woman CEO at its helm, SmarTrade is sure to make ripples in the financial services industry not only through its initiatives in financial education but also as an employer that embraces and celebrates the beauty of diversity in the workplace.

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