Get a Better Night’s Sleep with a Little Housework

Saturday, December 04, 2021

     It’s repetitive and you’ve heard it many times yet many people still underestimate its importance. But what? The importance of getting a good night’s sleep! For decades, we’ve been hearing that an adult should get 6-8 hours of good sleep every night. How many of us do?

      Sleep is the time our bodies reset, regenerate and re-energize. Getting into a routine that enables good sleep has many benefits and anything you can do to achieve this is life-affirming. As well as the self-care advice, good bedroom housekeeping can also help you into a good sleep routine.

Get a Better Night’s Sleep with a Little Housework
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Get the Right Bed and Mattress

     No matter what else you do, it all starts with the right bed. A bed is an investment. The average mattress is expected to last 8-10 years and as we spend nearly half our lifetime in bed it makes sense to get the best bed and mattress you can afford.

     Do your research. Memory foam mattresses proved to be a catalyst for a proliferation of different types of mattresses and it’s no longer a simple choice between pocket springs or regular coils. Choose a mattress that gives the right support. Also, choose a bed frame that provides the right support. Consider the weight of the sleepers and the size of bed required.

Look After the Bed Frame

If you have invested in a quality bed it makes sense that it is a piece of furniture that you take care of.
  • Keep the bed away from direct heat sources
  • Periodically check that any fittings are tightened
  • Check for broken slats
  • Do not overload divan drawers

Also, keep the fame clean. How will depend on the materials used in the frame’s construction.

Look After Your Mattress

     Taking care of the sleeping surface is arguably more important than looking after the bed frame. Mattress maintenance will ensure it stays comfortable for as long as possible and will also extend its life. The main points of mattress housekeeping are:
  • Turn a mattress regularly. Flip it over every two or three months. (unless it is a one-sided mattress or a memory foam mattress.)
  • Rotate a mattress through 180° every two to three months (i.e. swap the head and foot around).
  • Vacuum a mattress at least once every month. This will remove the dust mites, dust, dirt and dander that naturally build up. This is especially important if anyone who sleeps in the bed has allergies. Using hypoallergenic bed linens does not give you an excuse to not vacuum!
  • If you need to clean a mattress, follow the manufacturer's guidelines. In the absence of guidelines, use a mild detergent and soft cloth and ensure you allow the mattress to dry thoroughly before putting the linens back on.

There are other ways to look after your mattress beyond general housekeeping.
  • Use a mattress protector. These come in various forms and provide a barrier between the mattress surface and the bedsheet. You might choose terry towelling for additional warmth and softness or waterproof backed for added protection against staining.
  • Add a mattress topper. As well as adding an additional layer of protection, toppers can make a mattress more comfortable. Like mattresses, technology has advanced toppers into various styles and purposes.

     Also, be sure to make sure the pillows are right for you. They should support your neck and head so your spine isn’t pushed into an unnatural position. Regularly plump the pillows and also use a protector.

The Bed Linens

     For most, the choice of bed linen usually comes down to attractiveness and how the design fits win with the bedroom décor. How it looks does not affect the quality of sleep. The fabric and looking after it however can.
  • Make sure the linen is a good fit. People who move around a lot in their bed should make sure sheets are tight-fitting so they don’t ride around the bed.
  • Duvet covers should be the right size for the duvet.
  • Choose a fabric that you like the feel of on your skin.
  • Choose the right tog duvet. Your bed temperature should be pleasant so don’t choose a very heavy tog when unnecessary as this will cause you to sweat and not get a pleasant sleep.

.     Look after your bed linen properly. Wash and change it regularly. Check the washing instructions on the care label and follow them. Remember that each type of fabric has a different care need. Washing flax linen sheets is very different from washing polycotton sheets. Using the right cycle in the washing machine for your bedsheets, duvet covers, blankets and comforters will keep them at their best for longer.

The Takeaway

     There are loads of ways to improve your chances of getting a good night’s sleep but many people do not realize the importance of bed, mattress and linen care and maintenance and how it can impact sleep quality. Look after all aspects of your bed and in return, you’ll sleep better.

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