4 Ways to Spend More Time Outside

Monday, July 05, 2021

     Being outside should be a large part of everyone's daily life. From the physical benefits of exercise and moving around to the mental health benefits of more vitamin D from exposure to the sun, spending time outside is the best way to ensure that you get to enjoy life to the fullest. Although it's easy to spend time outside when we're young, it can be hard to convince ourselves to do the same when we're older. Here are the top four ways we could all devote a little more time outside to make it easier on ourselves.

4 Ways to Spend More Time Outside
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Make It a Family Event

     Working out and getting outside is always easier when you don't have to do it alone. There's something beautiful about a group of loved ones gathering and enjoying the fresh air and green grass. You can spend this time being physically active, or you can enjoy picnics or scenic walks.

Even Trips to Beaches and Shorelines Count!

     Getting outside with family helps you have a built-in social group to avoid the jitters from meeting new people, and you can learn more about the people in your daily life. Talk amongst family members about what you'd like to do next, or consider giving a new person every week the chance to pick what the family does as a group. Changing it up will help keep it from becoming less attractive than television.

Get Into Lawn Care and Gardening

     Outside of the chore of mowing, most people don't spend a significant amount of time in their yards. This is a total waste of the beautiful green outdoors we all have available. Instead of allowing this, put some effort into making your lawn your hobby. This means trying to build a garden of edible foods or getting really into planting flowering shrubbery and greenery. There's no right way to garden, which means that whatever yard you create can be as custom to you as you like. If that means you start looking at Calgary homes for sale so that you can find more lawn space for your collection of ferns: so be it!

Join A Walking or Jogging Group

     Whether you find them in your local neighborhood-watch application or through a local listing, seek out walking and jogging groups in your area. These groups offer the chance to meet others and have some accountability for walking or exercising outside. Of course, you don't have to walk every evening, and you don't have to go if it's pouring rain: but having a group of friends to inspire you to keep moving is fantastic.

     Join An Adult Sports GroupSoccer, baseball, football, field hockey, lacrosse, and dozens of other outdoor sports are becoming more popular for adult groups in cities. From the high sign-up rate, it's easy to see that most people are quick to join and are eager to build connections through this. Although there are also indoor sports like hockey and basketball, getting outside and joining a team in the sun is an excellent opportunity to get in some vitamin D while building your communication skills.


  1. These 4 ways to spend more time outside is really interesting. This is one of the things we should consider in life because it has a lot of benefits to us. It can make us healthy, happy, and help us create some memorable memories. This is really interesting because as we get older its really hard to convince ourselves to go out since we have other things that we should prioritize. This is really interesting

  2. I agree, I often stay indoors nowadays. These ways that you have listed are great ideas. I like gardening the most coz I love plants.


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