Parenting While Sick Is the Worst - But It Is Possible

Friday, October 02, 2020

     We can bet nobody told you how tasking baby care is, especially for new parents. Even though experience makes it a little better, each baby is different, and not every trick works. Taking care of a sick baby is an extreme sport, but what happens when you're the one with a failing system?

     As the world fights a pandemic, most homes' health situations are panicky because what would happen if a parent or caregiver got infected? Who will step in for you while they recover? What happens when both baby and parent fall sick? Here are a few hacks and tricks that will help you manage through such situations.

Parenting While Sick Is the Worst - But It Is Possible
Parents always strive to offer the best to their kids, but there are a lot of stress factors in parenthood, and sickness can easily drive you off the edge. So how do you handle a sick baby when you're feeling unwell too?
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For Starters, Always Have a Designated Caregiver

     If you're going out of town even for a day, you will ask someone to look after the kids for you, right? This ensures that your children would be in safe hands if you got stuck and couldn't make it back in time.

     This should apply to your health as well. The first choice would be your partner, but it is crucial to have a backup plan. However, it can be quite overwhelming to take care of two sick people, especially if one is a sick newborn.

     Always have a friend or close relative who would be willing to step in for a few days and put in a caregiving hand. It would be best if they live nearby; they would come right over in case of any emergency.

Learn to Read Red Flags

     The most crucial skill a parent will ever master is how to tell if the baby is sick. There are many tell-tale signs, and not all of them will manifest into an illness. If they are actually unwell, they will refuse to sleep or feed, and they tend to cry a lot.

     Don't forget to listen to your body and pay keen attention to any unfamiliar discomfort. For instance, feeling dizzy, sudden loss of appetite, rising temperatures, or funny tastes in the mouth are mild indicators that you are coming down with something. Well, unless they are side effects to something. If your baby is yet to get flu shots, this is the time. Also, visit your doctor before the situation blows over.

Don't Be Shy to Ask For Help

     Raising kids under normal circumstances can be physically and mentally draining, so imagine what happens when you have to do it when under the weather. The pressure to keep your child safe and maintain your sanity is real, so don't feel awkward asking for help, be it on a professional level or even prayers for a sick baby – you'll feel quite relieved afterward.

Parenting While Sick Is the Worst - But It Is Possible
Have someone come over to keep you company
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     If you feel your kids are not getting better or displaying symptoms you can't read, call your pediatrician. Also, ask your family or close friends to facetime with your kids, so they don't feel left out of anything.

Not Every Symptom is a Cause for Alarm

     If the baby is coughing at night but not sick, then relax. There should be no need to worry. In most circumstances, these coughs are an indication that your kid is getting better, more so if they are recovering from the flu. However, if this persists for more than a week or two, you should consult with a pediatrician. Also, having a baby nasal aspirator will help to suction mucus from the nasal passage, thus reducing their coughs. In addition, if the sick baby does not sleep or looks lethargic, take them in for a check-up.

The Allergies

     According to scientists, allergies do run in the blood, and your children can inherit them. Therefore, if your baby is sick after the flu shot, it could be an allergic reaction to the vaccine. Symptoms may be similar to the flu, such as runny nose or fever. Extreme reactions are infrequent, though. So if you experience side effects after you receive a flu shot, don't be surprised when your child reacts in the same manner.

Parenting While Sick Is the Worst - But It Is Possible
Are you aware of your baby's allergies?
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Lower Feeding Expectations, but Feed Nonetheless

     Having to eat while sick is exhausting, annoying, and very uncomfortable, but you have to nevertheless. You do not have to prepare three-course meals or do grocery shopping at this time. Instead, get those microwavable or instant dinners, or settle for easy to make recipes.

     If you've not weaned your baby, continue to breastfeed as normal. They will not contract the flu through the milk. Also, breastfeeding sick babies speeds up their recovery since breast milk contains antibodies and nutrients.


     Naturally, every parent wants to be a superhero each second of the day. Still, it is impossible to be perfect daily. When you feel under the weather, don't neglect yourself in watching the kids. Do you have any tips and tricks that you would like to share? We would love to hear from you.

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