4 Common Questions That People Ask About Undergoing Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Monday, February 10, 2020

     The idea of having some type of cosmetic surgery is more common today than at any time in the past. Even as more people are aware of and consider the option to undergo rhinoplasty in Edmonton or some type of facelift, the amount of misinformation about cosmetic procedures has increased. Here are four questions that prospective patients often ask, along with the answers.

4 Common Questions That People Ask About Undergoing Facial Cosmetic Surgery
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Can Anyone Have This Type of Cosmetic Surgery?

     If you’ve heard that anyone can have cosmetic surgery, that’s not the case. Certainly, someone who has sustained injuries in some type of accident may be able to undergo some procedures. People who are considering elective procedures may or may not be approved, depending on several factors.

     Your health is one major concern. If you have one or more chronic illnesses, the risk associated with this type of surgery is higher. The same is true if you are in poor physical condition. Age may also be a factor. People who’ve had procedures in the past may or may not be eligible to have more work done. 

     The only way to know if you’re a candidate is to undergo an examination and consultation with a cosmetic surgeon. In most cases, you’re likely to be approved. Keep in mind that based on the factors outlined above, you may need to take certain precautions before and after the procedure. The surgeon will make sure you understand what must be done. 

Will Insurance Cover the Procedure?

     When the surgery is reconstructive, there’s a good chance that your health insurance will cover all or most of the cost. With elective procedures, there’s less potential for receiving any benefits. It’s possible to finance the cost of the procedure and pay off the debt using a series of monthly installment payments. Look for lenders who specialize in medical loans and see what can be worked out. 

Does the Process Involve Some Advance Preparation?

     If you visit Facelift-calgary.com and look for information on preparation, you’ll see there are several things that you need to do even if you’re in excellent health. One is to stop your use of tobacco products. Smoking should stop at least six weeks before you undergo the procedure. 

     Tell your surgeon about all prescription medication and over-the-counter supplements that you take. The same is true if you’re taking products like aspirin on a regular basis. In most cases, you’ll need to stop using over-the-counter products at least one week before the procedure. Your surgeon will provide more specific information about when to stop taking prescription medications. 

How Long is the Average Recovery Time?

     The type of facial cosmetic surgery that you undergo will influence how long it takes to complete recovery. In some cases, you may be able to resume most daily activities as quickly as two weeks after the procedure. That doesn’t mean you’re completely healed. It could be up to a year until the swelling and bruising are finally gone. Your surgeon can provide better estimates based on your condition and the kind of procedure you’re having. 

     Remember that plastic surgeons encourage patients to ask any questions that come to mind. The goal is to make sure that you have all the information needed to decide if you want to proceed. Once you weigh all the factors, it will be easier to determine if you still want the procedure or if you would rather think about non-invasive approaches to improving your appearance.

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