Feature: Promil Four 3D Pop-Up Theater

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

     Hello mommies! Have you tried the Promil Four Spot the Gift App already? If not, try it now because Promil is giving an interesting freebie when you buy the Promil Four 1.8kg in select stores nationwide. It's something that will help you nurture the gift further.

     Presenting Promil Four 3D Pop-Up Theater- a super fun 3D book that encourages your kid to customized their play in order to enhance their gifts based on the results of the Spot the Gift app. It's something that will also help moms in nurturing the gift/s of their children. Sharing how we to play the pop-up theater and how to relate this in my son's Spot the Gift results below.

Feature: Promil Four 3D Pop-Up Theater
3D Pop-Up Theater Book, magnifying and 3d glasses

How to use the Promil Four 3D Pop-Up Theater

1. Take the Promil Four Spot the Gift Test and discover your child's gift.
2. Once discovered, nurture his/her gift using the 3D Pop-Up Theater by customizing your play depending on his/her gift.
3. The results from Spot the Gift app are important factors in playing the 3D Pop-Up Theater so be sure to check the gifts in order for you to tailor-fit their play.
4. Enjoy!

      Based on the Spot the Gift app, his gifts are as follows: Spatial Relational Gift- visual arts gift of drawing, coloring, and anything related to arts. Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Gifts- interacting with others, play with friends or even with mommy and daddy at home. He has a high self-confidence because he is able to express his desires and plays alone. He knows what he is doing and seeks help and guidance if needed.

Feature: Promil Four 3D Pop-Up Theater
Kenzo's Spot the Gift results

1. Spatial Relational Gift- my son is into visual arts. He used the 3D Pop-Up Theater to customize one part with stickers and set-up the roads with different cars. The Intramuros Manila area has a 3D jeepney and an empty road. His wide imagination and interest in cars paved the way for this kind of play. Talk about busy streets of Manila!
Feature: Promil Four 3D Pop-Up Theater
Spatial Relational Gift 

2.  Interpersonal Gifts- he likes to interact with other kids like his cousins or friends and classmates at school. When he's at home, mommy is his playmate. We enjoyed searching for things inside the 3D room where Kenzo used the glasses while this mommy's tool is the magnifying glass.

Feature: Promil Four 3D Pop-Up Theater
Interpersonal Gift

3. Intrapersonal Gifts- when this 3D Pop-Up Theater arrived at our doorstep, he can't contain his excitement. He asked a few questions on how to play it and try to do it on his own. He is confident that he's doing the right thing with minimal supervision. This intrapersonal gift enables him to discover things and gives him high self-esteem that he can do it alone.

Feature: Promil Four 3D Pop-Up Theater
Intrapersonal Gift

     There are so many ways on how to nurture the gift/s of your child. If he's into visual arts, buy him or her drawing materials like crayons, colored pens, sketchbook, and art and craft stuff. Let your child play with his friends every weekend using these art materials. Always encourage them to join family activities if possible. Also, allow him/her to develop his/her hobbies on their own or through other materials.

     So, mommies, I encourage you to try the Spot the Gift app and purchase the Promil bundle promo. The pop-up theater comes free with every purchase of Promil Four 1.8kg in select stores nationwide. Promo is available until supplies last. Take the test now and share the gifts of your child on Dear Kitty Kittie Kath's Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages using these hashtags: 
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