Congw. Florida Robes on Motherhood and Women Empowerment

Friday, September 20, 2019

     Unconditional love, utmost care, unending patience, compassion, consideration, and so on. These are one of the few non-negotiable traits of a mother. I believe that all mothers possess these characteristics but only a few can extend these outside her home. I call these mothers, empowered moms. They are the superheroes of this generation and I'm honored to meet one- the beautiful and hardworking representative of San Jose Del Monte Bulacan- Congw. Florida Perez Robes.

     Last week, we had a short but meaningful meet and greet with the working Congresswoman of San Jose del Monte Bulacan- "Ate Rida or "Ate Cong" to her second family or the residents of her town. She is the wife of Mayor Arthur Robes who also has been serving the San Joseños for years now. Both of them are working hand-in-hand to serve over 1 million constituents in San Jose Del Monte Bulacan in the hopes of improving and making their lives meaningful through realistic projects that are pro-family and pro-women. Sharing more of the promising projects Ate Cong has envisioned for the San Joseños after the jump!

Congw. Florida Robes on Motherhood and Women Empowerment
Ate Cong in a brown dress with mommy bloggers 

     Ate Cong's passion in public service is remarkable. She has been working on different projects one baby step at a time making sure that it will be beneficial for all especially women and children. As a mother, I see in her eyes everything unconditional- love, care, and hope for the San Joseños after all, she is already considered the "light" in their homes. 

     During our short meeting, Ate Cong shared to us her promising projects and who she is and why she is called the second mother of her constituents. She selflessly shared to us her life as a wife to his husband and a mother to her children. A God-fearing and family-oriented woman, Ate Cong always make sure to pray the rosary to ease all the stress and troubles every day. She's firm that weekends are for the family. Despite her hectic workweek schedules, she makes sure to take care of her family first thing in the morning. These motherhood experiences guide her in making San Jose Del Monte City a better place to live in.

Congw. Florida Robes on Motherhood and Women Empowerment .
The energetic Ate Cong sharing all her plans to us.

     She is transparent to us. There are so many times that her salary goes to burial and medical assistance and to other needs of the people. A situation that she wholeheartedly embraces because, at the end of the day, these acts give her a sense of accomplishment in serving the San Joseños. I have a lot to say with regards to Ate Cong as a mother and empowered women. She is tireless, dedicated, and optimistic like us mothers to our family. An empowered woman who is supportive, strong-willed, and visionary. Her projects are promising, her vision for their city is very clear. 

1. Maternal and Pediatric Care

     For Ate Cong, the saying "Health is wealth" tops her advocacies. Based on her experience, it's on of the important aspects of life that we need to face seriously. No rich or poor when someone is sick. It will drain everything- physical, material and emotional aspects of our life. The Republic Act No. 11272 or the construction of the Saint Bernadette Children and Maternity Hospital is officially underway. According to Ate Cong, this project has been her top priority in order to give medical services to the families of San Jose.

Congw. Florida Robes on Motherhood and Women Empowerment 
Congressw. Florida Robes and House Bill No. 7811

2. Breast Milk Bank

     One of the interesting and sought after projects of Ate Cong is the establishment of a breast milk bank center in their city. The concept of this will come all the way from Taiwan wherein experts in the field will educate, train, and establish the first milk bank hospital in San Jose Del Monte City. It's not a simple milk bank if you may ask because this institution will have 100 beds inside the facility.

     Through this initiative, the mothers who have plenty of breastmilk supply will be allowed to donate their milk after passing the screening. The breastmilk will be stored in the facility and will be used by the mothers of SJDM who lack breastmilk supply and in time of calamities.

Congw. Florida Robes on Motherhood and Women Empowerment
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3. Mental Health Awareness and Center for Children

     The suicide rate among children in San Jose Del Monte Bulacan is very alarming. This is caused by depression, hopelessness, inattention, and loss of moral values. The statistic shows that “The Philippines has the highest number of depressed people in Southeast Asia and a high number of these cases are observed among our young people, including career-bound young professionals. The age of depression-related suicides ranges from 13 to 25 years old.

     According to her, social media is a big part of this problem. She said that  "base of many of these clinical cases of suicide and mental illness is the ugly face of depression. I am alarmed, as I opt to speak about the first ‘changed face’ of our young Filipinos: depressive and suicidal.” She told us that one of her bills concentrates on banning Facebook posts that show violence, crime, suicide-related topics and the like to these adolescents and young men and women.

     In order for the parents to monitor their children, their schools will hire guidance counselors that will help the parents guide their children in this aspect. Her House Bill 3433 is all about the establishment of a mental health center that aims to educate and counsel those who are in need of clinical psychiatric intervention.

4. Women Empowerment and Mother Empowerment

     Looking at her Facebook profile, she is best describes by her colleagues and clients as a vibrant leader, an excellent communicator, a keen organizer, a dedicated worker, and as a deeply religious woman. These are the characteristics of an empowered woman. Ate Cong's dedication, perseverance, and commitment to serve her constituents is truly admirable. She is empowering woman and mothers one through her projects one step at a time. 

     Can we have another Ate Cong in all the cities of this country, please? Her passion to serve San Joseños reflects how she is raised by her parents and as a mother, she knows that unconditional love knows no boundaries.

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