Making the Connection: Helpful Tips When Planning a Family Reunion

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

     When it comes to family, we have them near and far. For family members that are close enough in location, you try to see them as often as you can but for family members that live further away, visiting them as often as you would hope to can be a little more difficult. It’s situations like that, that give all the more reason to plan for family reunions.

     Family reunions are great ways for families, near and far, to come together as one and reconnect. These reunions allow you to spend time with family members you haven’t seen in a long time as well as meet new members of the family, whether it be through a marriage or a new baby. Family reunions truly give families the opportunity to showcase the love they have for each other even though they’re miles apart or may not communicate with each other every day.

Making the Connection: Helpful Tips When Planning a Family Reunion
Family History Lessons: Passing the Torch

     Typically with family reunions and planning the family reunion, the older generations of the family does the planning. They do, of course, get with the younger generations for a little help as well, but for the most part, planning is a lot easier when it’s left to one person with the help of others.

     The older family members know more about the family’s history and how to get in touch with everyone but they won’t be the ones doing all the planning forever. One of the lessons of planning a family reunion is passing the torch.

     Once the older generations have hit a point where they no longer are able to plan such an event, they teach the younger generations more in-depth about the family’s history and contacts so that they can be prepared to plan the next one.

     Planning a family reunion is no easy feat and for the next family member in line to plan the next reunion you will need to make sure you take heed to the advice and tips your older family members shared with you to ensure the family reunion is real, genuine, and authentic. Take a look at some tips to plan your family’s next reunion when the torch has been passed down to you.

Pick a Date and Location and Stick To It

     When planning a family reunion, one of the keys to success for everyone being able to attend is timing. The key thing here is to plan it out far enough in advance that EVERYONE will be able to attend; people will typically plan it out at least a year out.

     Now, you’re going to want to pick dates that generally work around people’s schedules and kids’ breaks from school. Once you’ve picked that out, set it in stone and continue with your planning. With your planning being far enough out, people have enough time to plan for it.

Plan With EVERYONE in Mind

     Family reunions are not just for a specific demographic of family members so you need to plan accordingly. Plan for seniors, kids, teens, and young to middle-aged adults. When picking the location, you want to look at the attractions in the area. Ask yourself, is this a kid-friendly location? Does this location cater to the older generation?

     When traveling with seniors, you especially want to make sure they are comfortable, for one. Also, you want to make sure you have travel accommodations that cater to their capabilities like ramps and wheelchair accessibility. USA Today recommends that seniors travel with caution to make their travel experience safe and comfortable.

Set a Budget

     When it comes to the attendance of family reunions, money is the other big factor next to time and location. That’s why you want to give your family members enough time to plan financially too.

     Initially, when you send out the letter letting everyone know about the family reunion plans, you’ll want to include an estimated price of about what it will cost for families to attend this reunion. Once you get a concise headcount of everyone planning to attend, you can then send out a more detailed break down of prices for everything.

     Now, one great way to keep costs down for everyone would be to rent a couple of minibusses. This will allow your family to get to locations together as a family and will ensure no one gets lost. These minibusses give passengers plenty of legroom, reclining seats, and TV monitors for entertainment.

The Rest is Up to You

     Now, the above three tips are the big ones when it comes to planning your family’s next reunion. You will have to work out the details of everything else but planning for everyone, setting a budget, and picking a date and location are the key elements to planning a successful family reunion. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when the torch is passed to you, and although it can be nerve-racking at times with planning, remember to have fun with it!


  1. Thanks Ms Kath. Agree to planning and consider everybody- kids, seniors etc .
    I wasn't lucky enough to attend to previous reunion in our clan. Since we are considered as the new generation, less stress as the older ones get to manage everything. Saving up for the upcoming reunion this year 👏

    1. Hi Lovell,

      Thanks for sharing this. This is true lalo na hindi naman kasi pare-pareho ang bawat families kahit pa kamag-anak mo sila.


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