Unique Baby Shower Ideas for 2019

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

     Carrying a life for nine months is such a delicate task for both the mother and father. Fathers will learn to have more patience and be more affectionate than ever to better take care of his wife. Mothers need to learn how to take better care of themselves and be healthy for herself and baby. More than anything else, being pregnant is a struggle both physically and mentally. It is going to be a demanding task that promises one worthy reward, a sweet child. Now is the time to get together and celebrate the parents to be and the little one on the way.

     Baby showers are held to celebrate the mother and the baby. This celebration is common in all cultures. Family and friends gather to show support and love for the mother and to also shower her with gifts she will need and want for the baby. There are countless ways to hold and celebrate a baby shower. Here are the most unique things to incorporate in a shower in 2019.

Unique Baby Shower Ideas for 2019
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Wishes for the Baby

     Ask your guests, family, and friends, to write their wishes for your baby. It could be their message of goodwill, promise in the future or well-wishes to his or her future. Prepare paper and pen for your guest to write on. You can put this paper in a jar for safekeeping or paste it in a scrapbook.

     You can even do it in a time capsule way. Let them put the letters in a designated box, where no one can read it beforehand, not even you. And open it on a specific date or child’s age whatever you prefer.

Birthday Card

     It’s not like everyone will have a chance to be around as your baby grows. Some may change move, lose touch, or even pass away. This means they might not be around for his or her birthday. So let your special guests write a birthday card for his/her future birthdays. Imagine getting a birthday card on your 18th birthday from a grandparent, whom you loved, that has passed away. This is a sweet idea, that will surely make every birthday of your kid extra special.

Gender Reveal

     If you are the type of couple who likes to keep secrets and wants to throw-out surprises then having your gender revealed at your baby shower is the perfect timing. There are many ways to make a fabulous and fun gender reveal. Make your reveal reflect your personality. If you are into guns you can fill a target with the color of the gender that reveals the color when shot. You can feel a box with balloons and when you open it the ballon that is gender colored float out. 

Diaper Message

     You can never have too many diapers that are for sure. All those diaper gifts from your friends, that beautiful diaper cake centerpiece and the ones you’ve bought are not enough to cover all your babies need. So buy some more and ask your guests to write a funny message on them. This will be something to make you laugh during those late-night diaper changes. Remember to snap and send a picture to the person who left you a message when you use that diaper. 

DIY Bib and Onesie

     Having arts and crafts at a party isn’t only for kids. It can be applied to adults as well. Have a DIY bib and onesie game at your baby shower by having them iron-on transfer some design to plain bibs and onesies. You might not be able to use all of the finished art, but these will be fun keepsakes. 


  1. i like the gender reveal and diy bib. Di ko to na experience eh hehe
    .Di bale next time if may pang apat haha. Salamat Ms Kath

    1. Hi Lovell,

      Ang cute diba? Hope magawa ko din to soon.


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