How to Choose Wedding Ceremony Songs

Sunday, January 13, 2019

     The evolution of white weddings has been adding new quirks and antics. From ring bearers to flower girl dresses, the additions have been aplenty. Such additions sure do make for a grand fairy-tale wedding which has finished to perfection. However, the number of tasks on your to-do list keeps increasing. 

How to Choose Wedding Ceremony Songs

     One such beautiful addition of the millennial is ceremony songs. From the time where the bride floats down the aisle to the father-daughter dance, a suitable playlist is created. The selection of songs in this playlist is required to be heart-wrenchingly beautiful. Let’s understand why it’s important.

Why is it so Important? 

     The selection of songs is important because that’s what you will always remember of the wedding day. When you look back at the father-daughter dance, emotions will pour down your cheeks. Moreover, when you listen to the song played on your wedding, it will rush back a ton of memories. So it is important that you associate your precious moments with stellar song selections. 

     Another important reason is that a good song will foster a lot of emotions while you’re in the moment. For instance, a serene song for when you’re walking down the aisle will get your groom emotional. 

Some Tips for Selecting the Best Wedding Ceremony Songs

Let’s discuss the ways you can find the best of the wedding ceremony songs.

1. Vintage

     There are some songs that never die. They are evergreen and hence make for a safe yet exquisite song selection. These vintage are known and loved by almost everyone.

     Some of these songs are: “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis Presley or perhaps a Savage Garden Song. Songs from Bryan Adams and Bon Jovi stand timeless as well. However, if you want something unique, the next pick may be for you.

2. Instrumental Tracks

     Who doesn’t love a heartfelt freestyle violin track? Or maybe a piano piece by a famous artist. Perhaps, a saxophone can do the trick. These instrumental tracks cover the lack of word through transcending music. 

     I can imagine the wedding dresses of brides moving to the rhythm of these beautiful tracks. So you can definitely incorporate an instrumental music piece on your wedding day. 

3. An Emotional Track from the Past

     We all have certain feel-good songs that we hold very dearly from the past. Using these songs from the past can bring a wave of heart-touching emotions. It can transport you back to the good old days and everyone can relish in it. 

     You can even play the songs beforehand on your important days like when you’re trying on wedding dresses or when you’re finalizing from the list of flower girl dresses. Doing this will also bring back these precious moments on your wedding day.

4. A Trending yet Beautiful Song

     This track will never fail you. It is a safe choice. It may not signify or highlight an important part of your life but, it will allow everyone to feel involved because they will all be familiar with this track. A track like “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran can be a perfect example here. 


     Selecting tracks is an important step and we suggest that you take advice from everyone close to you. It will help them feel more involved in the process while you don’t have to take important decisions alone.


  1. Divine Labbuanan-CabralJanuary 25, 2019 at 12:24 PM

    Naalala ko yung songs namin ni mister nung ikinasal kami... favorite ko dun yung On This Day tsaka Ikaw...kakakilig!!!

  2. Bakit naman ako kinilig bigla?! :) Miss Kath naiimagine ko na yung wedding song ko. Gusto kasi namin ni husband yung marereminisce yung unang pagkilala namin. Ayun. Hihi. Gusto ko sana sa wedding March yung kanta ng Silent Sanctuary. OPM Miss Kath pero super heartwarming. Tataas balahibo mo hehe. Tapos sa first dance namin as married couple yung Kiss Me Slowly ng Parachute. OMG. Naiimagine ko na. Teary eye tuloy ako!!!!

    1. Hi Queen A,

      Ayieee! Yes, mas maganda yung mga songs na nagpa-inlove sa inyong 2.


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