How To Throw A Birthday Bash At Home (And On A Budget)

Monday, November 26, 2018

     Parties come in all shapes and sizes. And the question a lot of parents ask is; can I throw my kid a decent party at home when I’m broke? The answer is yes, you can, and here’s how:

How To Throw A Birthday Bash At Home (And On A Budget)


      E-vites are digital invitations that you don’t print but send via text or email instead. I’m a huge fan of e-vites for a number of reasons. First, they are totally convenient, no shopping and trying to match paper with ribbon and markers and paint. You simply hop online to Canva, pick a layout then customize it, download it and send it. Easy as pie.

     Secondly, it’s much easier to keep track of who actually receives their invitations when it is sent digitally. Have you ever tried giving a bunch of invites to a 9-year-old to give to his friends and then hoping and praying that those 9-year-olds remember to give it to their parents? No? Well, then you must be using e-vites already. Plus, they’re totally free (or really, really cheap). So there’s that.

Bargain Hunt

     Whether you’re trying to save money for something specific, like a birthday party or just in everyday life, then this is one habit that will take you farther than most. Shop around for better prices, don’t just go to whichever store is closest to your house and buy the things you need. Walk a little further, try other stores, walking is good for you anyway. And if walking isn’t for you, then you can spoil your Harry Potter or Shopkins fan by shopping for cheap party supplies online. 

     Yes, really and it’s awesome. Besides, shopping online also allows you to coordinate themes and colors more easily. It’s pretty much a full win. 

Buy In Bulk

     Alright, this tip was never not going to be in here, it’s just too practical to leave out. That’s something your grandma knew and that’s why she always bought all her groceries in bulk since the beginning of time. When you’re throwing a party on a budget it’s always wise, especially with food, to buy in bulk.

     Of course, smaller packaging might be more convenient because each person can just get their own packet, but remember that convenience costs - a lot. It’s much cheaper to buy big and split or prepare it into smaller quantities as needed. Just because the food is cheap doesn’t mean it can’t still be delicious. 

How To Throw A Birthday Bash At Home (And On A Budget)

Skip The Goodie Bags

     If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times - goodie bags are a waste of time and money and unless you’re putting new iPhones in those bags, nobody will care and will end up either forgotten at the party or in the back of the mom’s car. So no. No, no, no, no, no! No goodie bags, please. 

     Rather invest in a slightly more valuable gift and add each guest’s names on them. As for the candy and sweets, you’re better off doing a sweet buffet, you can distribute bowls of sweets between platters of actual food and you’ll find that the kids actually end up eating that as well.

Low Key Decor

     You’re a parent, which means you want the very best, coolest, and the most mind-blowing birthday party for your kid. But let’s get real for a second here, all those Pinterest worthy parties (on Pinterest) they’re not cheap. Also, not easy to pull off.  Unless you have a party planner or mounds of free time, a substantial budget and limitless patience, why don’t you just save yourself the trouble and go for something simpler? Besides, I don’t think your kid really cares about a Pinterest worthy party, do you?

Borrow From a Friend

     Onto another practical tip that anyone can do. It’s not that you shouldn’t buy stuff for your kid’s party, even if you can afford it, it’s that you shouldn’t buy it when you can borrow it. If you’re throwing a party then chances are you know a fair amount of people, likely people with kids. People with kids who also throw parties for those kids. Ask around, maybe some of them might have some things you can use for the party. Like kids tables or chairs, almost every household has some of those and if you borrow from a few moms then you’ve got yourself a party HQ.

Ask Family To Chip In

     Hopefully, you are blessed with close friends or family members that play a big role in your kid’s life. If you are, then you most likely already have a few people asking if there’s anything they can do to help with the party. The wrong answer is ‘no’. If they haven’t offered, then it’s also fine to just ask them to chip in. They don’t necessarily need to fork up cash, but what if your mom baked the cake? Or made some food to help out? Every little penny counts.

How To Throw A Birthday Bash At Home (And On A Budget)

Spend Your Money Where It Matters

     It’s completely normal and healthy for you to want this amazing party for your kids. But the truth is there are certain things that just don’t matter to kids when it comes to birthday parties. Like the fancy decor, fancy food and a ton of guests. They just want to have a good time. Don’t spend your life savings on a birthday party when it was supposed to go towards a vacation in the Bahamas, or more realistically - college. Keep track of the bigger picture. This is just a party and your kid will love it no matter how ridiculous that may seem to you. 

Free or Cheap Entertainment

     Ah, entertainment. The thing that can simultaneously protect and destroys parents’ sanity. Let’s face it, keeping the kids entertained and out of trouble is a challenge on a regular day and now you’ve gone and made them a pack of wild and crazy. Now to tame them. Depending on the age of the kids, you can have them play some party games or if they’re older, put on a movie for them and make them some popcorn. 

Don’t Sweat The Details
     As long as you’ve tried your best to make it fun, feed everyone, and make it special for your kid, then don’t worry about the rest. Your kid will still love you no matter what.

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