Adulting: 5 Things You Should Know and Do as a Young Adult at 25

Thursday, October 18, 2018

     When I was 18, turning 25 was the age I was most excited about. I felt like it is right in the middle of life; you’re not considered young, or old. It’s a good age they say. I do agree with that, but I’ve come to this age feeling lost, sad and uncertain. It’s come to the point that I turn to the internet for comfort, and search “turning 25.” Looking for people who are experiencing the same feeling I had, and lo and behold I’m not alone. Many individuals felt like society would smack “adulting” right in their face.

     Comfort is something I did not find, instead, I found answering questions and clarifications. Being 25 years old is a great turning point for anyone. It’s a point where you decide whether or not your current path is what you want...yes need, not want. 

Adulting: 5 Things You Should Know and Do as a Young Adult at 25
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     We only live once, and celebrating your 25th anniversary in this day and age provides an opportunity to step back and check your options. You have the abilities to fix life priorities, plan out self-development, and learn the highest level of independence. Apart from my warm hug, let me share, on your birthday, some things you should know and do at this wonderful age.

Establish Your Financial Stability

     If you are like me, back in my early 20s, you probably enjoyed everything life had to offer. The fun ranged from countless parties and music festivals to expensive brunches and traveling escapades. We would spend the majority of our money on things we enjoy...we are young so why not. 

     Katy Perry even made it cool in her song “This Is How We Do.” She said she respected kids buying bottle service with their rent money. Now that might be a little bit extreme, but it does happen, and to a certain extent, it’s looked at as acceptable.

     Being 25 years old is a perfect time to define financial stability and security in your life. The concept of money is both a boon and a curse. It all depends on how you manage it. Balancing your finances and making sure you have positive cash flow in your budget will make your life easier moving forward. 

     If you don’t have a savings account yet, then it’s high time you open one. Attend money management seminars so that you can be financially literate. It may seem boring to you now, but knowing the benefits of personal loans and positive credit scores, as well as insurance and retirement plans can be extremely beneficial to you in the long run.

Become Health Conscious

     Being 25 means we are at our prime... the pinnacle of our physical potential. Start taking better care of your body and your body will, in turn, take care of you. Maybe you can be more health-conscious in terms of food choices and exercise. This is the best time to have that dreamy chiseled body paired with amazing abs. Do it while you’re young and have the energy to do so! Signing up for a gym membership is a great start. 25 is the age where you can rejuvenate your body from all your years of partying, and start your new addiction – yoga.

Learn New Skills

     It is time to expand your horizons and learn new things in life. Chugging your beer bottle straight is not a talent to brag on. Pick up a new hobby that will give you an opportunity to learn new skills. Maybe you can sign-up to learn a second language such as French, Japanese or even refine your basic knowledge of Spanish to something more than profanity.

Practice Parenting

      I’m not encouraging you to start a family before you’re ready, but at 25 you should learn a thing or two about parenting. You do not need to have your own child, but actively interacting with your nephew, niece, or younger cousin is enough. 

     Practicing your parenting skills this way will not only give you enough experience once it becomes a reality, but it gives you a taste of maturity. Being in the midst of youngsters will encourage you to be their guardian hence will push you to be more mature and essentially a better person. It forces you to realize that it’s not just about you.

      There are so many options out there for bringing life into the world. Today’s society allows future mothers to ditch the old-fashioned way of parenthood planning. You now have the liberty to take control of how and when you want to procreate.

Learn To Be Alone

      Living independently means you have a lot of time to be alone and get to know yourself. You can learn an old-fashioned beef stew recipe, understand how credit works, and figure out ways to pay bills and experience actual home economics. If you don’t know how to do your laundry then you might have a hard time getting domesticated.

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