Fear of Flying and How to Overcome It

Friday, September 28, 2018

     Fear of flying is something very common among human beings. We're made to move over our limbs, barely rising from the ground we're standing on. It's, therefore, a very natural phobia that has many people, there's no reason for shame. Anyway, if you want to go one step further and face your fear, here you have some tips that will help you to be flying all the time.

     First of all, accept that fear. With pride, you don't get anything. You could say that flying is something you don't like, but you can't fool yourself. Flying is the most comfortable way to travel to faraway places, get to know other cultures and visit unknown cities. Don't miss these opportunities because of irrational pride.

Fear of Flying and How to Overcome It

     Make your friends, acquaintances and family members tell you about their experiences on the plane. Knowing what the future holds for you helps to visualize it. The more you know about flights, the better. You'll soon realize that the worst stories are lost or damaged luggage (it isn't very pleasant, but it's not the end of the world either).

     Understand that the events that occur on board are completely normal. Turbulences are one of the main fears of people who are afraid of planes. That is why it's important to realize that turbulences are very frequent and totally natural. The main causes are certain cloud formations, air currents in mountain ranges or storms. Don't let this disturb your peace of mind, the design of airplanes is prepared to withstand even the most aggressive gusts of wind and turbulence. Nevertheless, if you prefer to notice less sudden movements, the best places to avoid them are the center of gravity of the plane and the wing area.

     Another option to make the flight more bearable is using sleeping pills. You can't get nervous if you're sleeping! A very interesting alternative would be to have a drink or two, but beware, you don't want to start your vacation with a hangover!

     Think about everything you're going to see on your trip, all you're going to experience, the countries and destinations you' ll visit. Just try to relax, and who knows, maybe you'll discover that you like to fly.


  1. I remember my son, nung, 1st time nya din sumakay never xa po umiimik. Nag take PA xa no 2 tablet ng anti hilo ang ending tulog xa for the whole time nasa ere., but now he's brave enough to overcome yung fear at takot nya na mahilo xa sa byahe. Thank you for sharing this awesome tips ms Kath.

  2. Cielo Jonna: Buti pa si kiddo nakaasakay na😂 btw momshie ganda ng hair color po like ko din hehe

    1. Hi Cielo,

      Yay! Yes, unang trip nya is Singapore. Salamat :) Temporary yan but I like it na din kasi I can change any time I want.


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