Factors to Consider When Choosing Eyeglass Frames

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

     You do not need to be an expert in fashion to choose the best frames for you. If you are shopping for eyeglasses on websites such as Lens World, you need to follow these tips to end up with the right frames:

Factors to Consider When Choosing Eyeglass Frames

Face Shape

     You need to figure out your face shape to pick out the best frame. Is it round, square, oblong, heart-shaped, or oval? The shape of your face will help you to choose the best frames for your look.

     Square face – opt for frames that soften the angles of your face and sit on the bridge of your nose. Round and oval frames will balance your facial angles. Avoid angular and square frames, as they will enhance the angles of your face.

     Round face – frames that are rectangular or square are broader than round faces. This means that they will make your face appear longer and slimmer, thus balancing your round features. With a round face, you should avoid rimless glasses because they will accentuate its roundness.

     Heart-shaped face – opt for frames that balance the narrowness of your cheek and the width of your forehead. Frames with bottom-heavy frame lines and low-set temples will add some width to the lower half of your face. Square and round eyeglasses with curved edges will also draw some attention from your broad forehead. You should avoid colored or patterned frames that will draw attention to your forehead.

     Oval face – you should opt for frames with a strong bridge and avoid large ones that cover almost half of your face. Large frames will throw off the symmetry and balance of your face.

     Diamond face – you can play up your narrow chin and forehead with frames that are wider than your cheekbones such as oval frames. They will bring out your delicate features and cheekbones. Stay away from narrow and boxy frames that draw attention to the slimmer features of your face.


     Which activities do you plan to partake in with your eyeglasses? If you lead an active lifestyle, you should buy flexible frames that do not break easily. When looking for gaming glasses, you have a wide variety of styles from which you can choose.

Skin Tone

Your skin tone will set the tone for your frames. Make sure that you choose a shade that closely matches your skin tone:

     Cool skin tone – does your skin have blue or pink undertones? You should stay away from colors that will wash you out and focus on pink, purple, silver, mauve, and blue frames.

     Warm skin tone – if your skin has golden, bronze, or yellow undertones, you should avoid clashing colors like pastels. Moreover, black or white frames will not be flattering for your skin. 

     The best colors for you are browns, olive green, gold, and light tortoise.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Eyeglass Frames


     The frames that you choose will communicate something about your personality. For this reason, you can own several glasses for different occasions. You can wear one pair to work and the more fun pair during the weekends.

     As long as the frames do not clash your skin tone, you should choose the best color for your personality. You can also opt for some embellishments and details if plain colors do not appeal to you. You can either choose a single frame that matches your personality or have a variety of them for different occasions. This will allow you to change your frames to suit your mood.


     The above tips will help you to choose the best frames for your eyeglasses. Just make sure that you take your time if you want to find the perfect ones.


  1. Ay buti nbasa ko po eto Ms kath, I'm planning to change my eyesglasses Next Week and sana maging perfect yung frame na mapili ko yung una kasi para akong ewan prang dko bagay., pero good thing you posted this po. Such a nice idea.

    1. Hi Aila,

      Yes, you must look for a frame na bagay sa shape ng face mo since you'll be using the eyeglasses everyday.

  2. CIELO JONNA:buti po at nabasa ko ito kasi mag papalit na ko ng glasses ko kasi nasira na sya kinabitan ko lang para mabuo uli :(

    1. Hi Cielo,

      If that's the case, mas okay na bile na lang ng bago lalo na pag everyday mo ginagamit yung eyeglass mo.


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