How to Survive Traveling with Your Partner

Friday, July 27, 2018

     The best way to get to know someone is to travel with them. No matter how well you think you know someone, traveling is still a new challenge in itself. For most couples, going somewhere new doesn’t come easily. It not only takes practice but also patience. 

     On the one hand, it doesn’t make much sense. Shouldn’t traveling with your partner be easy since you love spending time with them so much? Think of it this way: you probably don’t spend 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with them (or anyone). You’ve probably heard a horror story or two from someone you know who traveled with their partner only to break up immediately after returning home. These stories are more common than you think. 

How to Survive Traveling with Your Partner
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     How can you avoid the stress of traveling with a partner for the first time (or tenth time)? Unfortunately, it’s not possible to anticipate how your partner will react when traveling. They might become someone entirely different, and you’ll need to be prepared to deal with that reality. There are things you can do to make your time traveling together run smoother from start to finish. Read this guide for travel tips that will help your relationship survive whether your plane is delayed 7 hours or you’re trip runs perfectly.

Start Small

     It’s probably not a smart idea to take your first trip together somewhere far away for an extended getaway. The smaller, the better. Think of it as a trial run to see if this whole travel thing will even work for you two. Great ideas include a weekend in a nearby city or a long road trip to a special event. At the very least, avoid leaving the country. Few things are more frustrating than international travel. 

Know Your Habits

     If you have any small, harmless habits at home, realize they’ll be amplified while traveling with your partner. Needing a coffee within an hour of waking up every morning might be cute when you’re in your own apartment, but it can be downright annoying when you’re in a new place. Be clear about your habits before you leave home so your partner isn’t blindsided by anything new. 

     Talk to your partner about his or her habits as well. If he or she isn’t very clean at home, they’ll likely bring this with them on the road. Make peace in advance, if you can, but also don’t be afraid to talk about things that are bothering you. As they say, relationships are all about compromise. 

Plan Your Trip Before Leaving

     Conflict strikes when you want to spend the day relaxing by the beach, and your partner wants to explore the town. Since you both are individuals, it’s not unexpected that you’ll have different things you want to see and do on vacation. Once again, compromise is the name of the game. 

     Planning your trip ahead of time will give you both a chance to talk about your priorities. If you must see the marine museum, maybe you can compromise by doing something your partner wants to do the next day. You’ll probably have to spend an hour or two doing something you wouldn’t normally do on vacation, but it’ll be worth it to keep your partner happy. The best way to compromise is to create a list of the top 2-5 things each of you wants to do on your trip. Make it a priority to do as many as possible. 

Get to Know Your Partner

     Take this time on your trip to really get to know your partner. Be kind to each other and listen to your concerns. Play a would you rather game while waiting for your next flight. Spend the night chatting over a delicious glass of wine in a new city. This is the time to really spend time together. 

     When you’re at home, you’re both surrounded by commitments like work, school, and other relationships with friends and family. You have to worry about paying your bills and waking up for work in the morning. This daily stress gets in the way of living in the moment with your partner. Traveling is a chance to break down those walls and see them for who they are. 

How to Survive Traveling with Your Partner
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Give Yourself Space

     Finally, and most importantly, know when to take space for yourself. There are no rules about traveling that say the two of you need to be joined at the hip. It’s okay (and healthy!) to take time for yourself each day to be by yourself, especially if you feel yourself getting stressed. 

     If there’s something you really want to do but your partner would rather nap in your room, why not do it yourself? This gives you the opportunity to relax on your own and refresh so you’re energized to spend the rest of the day together. Just because you’re traveling together doesn’t mean you need to fall for the pressure to stay at each other’s sides 24/7. Knowing when to take some time to yourself can help you avoid tension or unwanted stress. 

Having Fun Together

     Traveling is a fun way to get to know your partner outside of your daily routines. When you travel, you open yourself to new vulnerabilities. Not only will you discover a new side of your partner, but your partner will be introduced to a new part of yourself. As long as you follow the tips above, you’ll grow closer as a couple. 


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