7 Tips to Help Your Little One Sleep in Hot Weather

Friday, July 13, 2018

     Summer’s here and temperatures are soaring. And of course, there are lots to love about it: the long evenings, the park days, the ice-cream, the tan, the great mood that everybody’s in… but there is a bit of a downside too. Like getting to sleep, for instance.

     With the welcome heat that comes during the day, comes an often stifling night. We spend the night tossing and turning, unable to get to sleep. And as the experts from the Sleep-Advisor blog maintain, sleep is one of the most important things we can do for a healthier, happier life.

7 Tips to Help Your Little One Sleep in Hot Weather

     It keeps adults mentally and physically fit, with the energy we need to be better co-workers, partners, friends, and parents. Sleep is even more important for our little ones, as it helps them to grow into the positive, healthy kids we want them to be.

     So if you’re worried about your child not getting enough sleep in the sticky summer weather, try out these tips… 

1. Go easy on the layers

     If your child is covered in heavy blankets or a thick sleepsuit, it’s no wonder that they’re unsettled! Instead, have them sleep in a thin onesie with their nappy (or shorts and a vest, if they’re older) and allow them to stay cool in bed.

2. Use cotton sheets

     This breathable fabric makes it much easier for your children to sleep through the night. Because even though they probably like the comfort of a duvet, after a few hours the heat will get too much and the discomfort will wake them up. One trick is to let them fall asleep with the duvet, then remove it before you go to bed yourself and cover them with a cotton sheet instead. They might stir at first, but will be sound asleep again before you’ve even left the room.

3. Give them a cool shower

     Your kids might be used to a pre-bedtime bath. And while that normally helps them to settle down, it can have the opposite effect during the summer months. So instead of getting them over-heated and uncomfortable before bedtime, give them a wash with cooler water instead. It’s a great way to wash off the mugginess of the day, plus it’ll reduce their body heat to a more appropriate temperature for sleep.

4. Equip yourself with a fan

     Many parents do this because they don’t like the often harmful effects of air-con (the runny noses, the sore throat, etc.). But what if the fan simply moves warm air around? Well, I’ve found that placing a large bowl of ice in front of the fan actually circulates lovely cool air around the room instead. I put the fan near my little one’s bed and they sleep much sounder as a result!

5. Keep checking

     As the temperature will change throughout the night, it’s important to check your child’s bedroom from time to time. Because what seemed like a normal room temperature for your baby 2 hours before can suddenly seem stifling, and you’ll need to adjust it to fit (for instance, by opening a window). If the room suddenly seems too cold, well, it might be time to pop that duvet back on. So keep checking, using a thermometer if that’s easier, and keep your little one sound asleep.

6. Stay hydrated

     Obviously, you don’t want to overdo it at night or you may have a leaky nappy/tonnes of bathroom breaks to deal with. But by keeping your child hydrated during the day, it can prevent them from waking at night. Give them plenty of water if they’re a little older, always having a beaker to hand. If they’re still nursing, well, a “top-up feed” before bedtime can do the trick. Cooling their body down throughout the day in this way will make it that much easier for them to sleep until morning.

7. Keep your baby calm

     A calm baby tends to run at a cooler temperature than one who’s frustrated and agitated. So if your baby’s getting upset at night, try and create a calming bedtime routine. Dim the lights in their room, read them a bedtime story, rock them to sleep and pop them into their cot when they’re already asleep. If they wake up hot and bothered, a cold flannel applied to the forehead, wrists and ankles can work wonders!

     Try out these tips and hopefully both you and your baby can have the great sleep you deserve. You’ll wake up refreshed and re-energised...and you can enjoy your summer even more as a result!


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