4 Bad and Great Habit You Easily Get From Your Parents

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

     Whether you like it or not, your parents inculcate most of the good and habits you have today. The environment you grow up as a kid and your family has a major role in determining what kind of a person you are at present. Your parents are responsible to cultivate all the good qualities in you from your childhood. If you have experienced problems in your initial stages of life and you are impulsive, have poor communication skills and fear about even small problems, then this could be due to bad habits which you got from your parents. 

     A popular Medical Director, Dr. Bryan Druno has clearly stated that “Your Parents’ habits could be passed down easily to you during your childhood and your behaviour is influenced heavily by your parents and family members” It has also been proven by science that apart from picking up good and bad habits from your parents in your childhood, some habits may be inherited from your parents and family members through Genetics and DNA. 

4 Bad and Great Habit You Easily Get From Your Parents 

     If you are really keen about knowing your family history and what kind of habits you have inherited from your parents and forefathers, you can go for a DNA testing which will offer a detailed genetic analysis of your DNA along with a visual illustration of your family heredity. You can find out more about popular companies like Ancestry which offer home DNA test kits by going through dna testing reviews online. They have access to billions of data points and unique features like a visual family tree builder. 

Poor Eating Habits 

     Kids learn the eating habits from their parents and if you are a picky eater who eats only junk food, then your kids will also follow your dieting habits. You can’t expect your kids to eat healthy fruits and vegetables if you frequently have a coke and burger in front of them. To make your kids realize the importance of healthy eating, you should show them in practice so that they can learn from you. If you want your kids to drink more water, you should also do the same. Some parents have a selective eating disorder due to which they never try new foods. They develop an inhibition towards certain food items and smells due to which they only prefer a specific category of foods they like. Such parents are likely to pass on the same habits to their children as well. 

Angry Gestures and Use of Offensive Language 

     As a kid, we generally observe the facial expression of our parents every time and we are likely to imitate the same. If your parents frequently express angry emotions around you like Grunting, groaning, raising the eyebrows, clenched fists, yelling out loud at others and using offensive language, then the kids will also quickly learn these habits. Children will likely imitate the same gestures from their parents and use bad language when they are frustrated or angry. Parents should never use improper language or show negative gestures when the kids are around like nail biting and sticking up the pinky finger. Kids also learn other bad habits like Anxiety, fear and constant worrying from their parents. 

Addiction to Mobile Phone/TV 

     Another bad habit which parents unknowingly pass on to their kids is constantly watching TV or using a mobile phone. As a parent, if you always keep watching TV in front of your kids, then you inculcate the same addiction in them as well. If both Mom and Dad spend more time on their phone always talking or chatting with friends, then kids will also learn the same behaviour and get addicted to Mobile usage. 

Being Impulsive and Overspending 

     Some parents are impulsive and do things without giving it much thought. Some people like to spend on things randomly without thinking about the future. Overspending is a very bad habit which parents unknowingly pass on to their kids. If children see their parents are always on a shopping spree and spend lavishly, then kids will also learn the same behaviour. Also if they are impulsive and do things randomly without thinking about consequences, this is a dangerous habit which they teach their children as well. 

     Children also learn good habits from their parents such as hard work, discipline, positive thinking, good manners and gratitude. It’s important to give them proper guidance and teach them about how healthy body & mind can make them better & confident. As a parent, you are responsible for teaching only the good habits to your children and avoid passing down any bad habits from you.


  1. divine labbuanan-cabralJuly 30, 2018 at 9:45 PM

    Very true po👍👍

    1. Hi Divine,

      Kaya dapat be mindful of our actions from time to time. Minsan di natin napapansin nagiging bad habits na pala.


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