Top 4 Tips for Sending Wedding Thank You Notes

Monday, June 11, 2018

     The time immediately following your wedding often leaves you with a happy buzz of gratitude for all of your loved ones. And, oftentimes so, especially relief that the months of busy planning are finally over. But even though your loved ones know that you appreciated all their help and support, in the afterglow of the wedding, you can't forget to take the time to actually thank them with a note. 

     And while expressing your gratitude and reflecting on the time can certainly be fun, it can also be difficult to write a lot of notes and somehow still each one unique and personalized. Luckily, if you stay on top of things, the thank-you note writing process can be a breeze. Read on to discover the top 5 tips for writing thank you notes.

Top 4 Tips for Sending Wedding Thank You Notes

1. Get Organized

     You'll want to buy the cards early, especially if you are having them printed on special stationery. To save money, it's a good idea to order the stationery from the same place you bought the invites from, as often discounts are offered when you buy in bulk. 

     Purchasing the envelopes and stamps ahead of time is also a good idea, and luckily you can easily buy postage online. 

     As you send out your invites, make a note in either a computer doc or on index cards of the guests’ full names and correct addresses. You can then use this list to record the guests' responses as well as the gifts they give you.

2. Stick to a Time Frame

     The days leading up to your wedding can be extremely chaotic, and often keeping track of wedding presents can fall to the wayside a bit.

     To make sure you don't fall behind, try to set a time frame for getting the thank you cards sent out. Ideally, an immediate response is best. However, usually up to three months after is an acceptable time frame. 

     If you have a big wedding and start to feel overwhelmed, try to write the notes in small batches so you don't get too stressed. 

Top 4 Tips for Sending Wedding Thank You Notes

3. Split the Work

     Oftentimes, the bride is the one who ends up doing the bulk of the work when it comes to wedding planning, and thank you notes are no exception.

     To make the thank you note writing easier, have your spouse do their side of the family and then you write yours. 

     If one person writing all of them is easy for you and your spouse, then that's fine. You should then address your spouse in the letter and speak in first person. For example, “Karen and I would like to thank you for…”

     Some people also choose to coauthor their notes, in which case both the bride and the groom should sign.

4. The Message

     Now comes the most important part of thank you card writing- the actual message itself!

     Wedding thank yous don't need to be super lengthy - 4 or 5 sentences will definitely suffice. 

     The message should acknowledge the specific gift, why you appreciate the gift, and how you plan on using it. Also, if the gift giver attended the wedding, be sure to mention that their presence was greatly appreciated. 

     If the gift was in cash form, you don't need to acknowledge the dollar amount, but rather say how you intend to use the money. 

     These four tips should make wedding thank you writing much easier!

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