Cheap First Class Flights – Myth or Reality?

Thursday, May 03, 2018

     The first class flights offer us a lot of advantages. Everything from free Wi-Fi to possibility to sleep on your flight is available for you starting from $10,000. Of course, you don't want to spend that much on your flights. Probably, the mantra that a plane is only a vehicle that can transport you from one continent to another pops up in your head. Yes, a plane is only a vehicle, but what if we would tell you that you can fly to another continent with free drinks and food? What if we would tell you that you can arrive at your destination point fully refreshed? Sounds suggestive? Well, it would sound much more suggestive, when you learn that with it will cost you from $1,500 to $7,000. To heat you up a little bit more, we offer you to check out the main advantages of those cheap first class flights.

Cheap First Class Flights – Myth or Reality?

1. Wi-Fi

     Sometimes, you need to take a plane to get to a business meeting where you are going to show your report or present your idea. Unfortunately, taking the second class won't do, if your report is not ready completely. You need Wi-Fi to finish your work. But even if it's not for work, those international flights are too long, so you easily get bored. You are in the mood for scrolling through the news feed on your Facebook account, reading recent Tweets by your pals, or watching some videos on YouTube, and you need a Wi-Fi connection for it. Nobody wants to pay more than $10,000 for watching videos online, but prices starting from $1,500 are quite okay.

2. Healthy Sleep

     When the flight takes to long, and you no longer feel like watching YouTube, another thing you can do is sleeping. You know the most common result of falling asleep on the flight – you feel pain all over your body when you wake up. Feeling absolutely broken upon your arrival to your destination point is the last thing that you want. But cheap first class flights offer you enjoying the healthy sleep. First class flights offer reclinable seats and pillows so you can sleep in comfort while on the flight. Depending on the plane, you can be even provided with flatbeds. Thus, cheap first class flights save your money and provide you with healthy sleep, so upon arrival, you feel absolutely refreshed.

3. Food and Drinks

     You know that on those fancy first-class flights passengers are provided with delis and the best beverages in the world. You probably think that you also have to pay over $10,000 to enjoy your flight eating those fancy snacks while sipping expensive champagne or wine. Nope, cheap first class flights provide all that. Foods and drinks are served as complimentary even on cheap first class flights. Moreover, regardless of whether you are paying $2,000 or $20,000 for your ticket, the dining a la carte is the same for all first-class cabins. So, why pay more?

     As you can see, cheap first class flights are no myth. There is no need to spend crazy money on your trips from one continent to another, as all the benefits of the first class flight are available starting from $1,500.


  1. Medyo O.A. nga ang $10,000 para sa flight fare unless you have a lot of money to spend talaga. Super great deal na ang ino-offer ng

    1. Hi Arselyn,

      Yes, I believe may mga murang flights need lang talaga magtyaga sa booking.


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