OOTD: Classic

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

     It's been a long time since I posted an outfit of the day post of my son. I presume you've seen my Instagram post of his latest OOTD. It's not easy to make kids pose in front of the camera. If your kid is cooperative, you're lucky. You can take outfit shots anytime, anywhere. But in my case, it's always a trial and try kind of game.

     When my son is so game to pose, I'm trigger happy that's why I always bring my mirrorless camera with me. I don't have a scheduled post for outfit shots that's why I'm so happy when an unplanned photo session happens. Sharing my son's OOTD that was taken after attending a birthday party at Robinsons Magnolia. 

OOTD: Classic

     I can't think of a decent title for this post but one thing is for sure, he's wearing a classic. Can you spot which one? If you're a fan of Bruno Mars, your guess is right :) My son is wearing one of Nike's Classic shoes- the Cortez.

OOTD: Classic

     It was during the 90's when the style Cortez was released by Nike here in our country. My brother became a fan and collected this in different colors. Fast forward today, Bruno Mars was spotted wearing this classic in his performances and music videos. 

OOTD: Classic
Nike Cortez Basic SL (GS)

Top- Swag Junior Shirt

Bottom- Kid Jordan jogger pants

Shoes- Nike Cortez Basic SL (GS)

Accessories- Casio Watch
Penshoppe Varsity Baseball Cap

     It's hard to maintain a white sneaker especially if the wearer is so active and playful. These photos were taken the First day of wearing his white Cortez and you can see dirt here and there! Ain't complaining though as long as he is comfortable with it and loving the style then we're good to go. Time for some OOTD, teehee!

OOTD: Classic
Swag Junior Shirt

     For the shirt, Kenzo's favorite brand as of this writing is Swag Junior. He's the one who picked this style because of the print. He's a car enthusiast and number 86 stands for his favorite model for the longest time now, Toyota Corolla AE '86.

     That's all for now, mommies! I hope we can do this OOTD session once a month. Drop a comment below of what you think of this outfit. I'm open to suggestions for his next outfit post. Thank you so much for reading :)

Good Times!~

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