Luminisce Podium Now Open + Laser Treatments for A Brighter New You!

Thursday, January 04, 2018

     Last December, I visited Luminisce newest branch located at The Podium Mall. If you're a long time reader of this blog, prolly you've seen my feature of their Luxury Facial and Clear Laser Treatment last year. I had a great experience that time considering that was my first time trying those treatments.

     Luminisce Skin and Laser Clinic is the brainchild of Dra. Kaycee Reyes. She founded this boutique clinic that aims to provide wellness, beauty, and body care through premium and innovative skin care services. I'm so excited to share with you the services I've tried last December, in time for the crazy busy season. Read more below :)

Luminisce Podium Now Open + Laser Treatments for A Brighter New You!

     My visit to the Luminisce newest branch in Podium Mall was a bliss. I was welcomed by friendly and super approachable staffs. There's something new in this branch- the interiors and the color combination used inside the clinic are subtle and relaxed.

Luminisce Podium Now Open + Laser Treatments for A Brighter New You!

      Dra. Kaycee prepared an intimate tea party for her guests. She's very accommodating that's why I had a great conversation with her regarding my skin concerns like the Hori's Nevus and the uneven skin tone that I have in my underarms.

Luminisce Podium Now Open + Laser Treatments for A Brighter New You!
The beautiful Dra. Kaycee Reyes and yours truly

     She suggested the same facial treatment- luxury facial to prep my skin for the holiday season. This facial treatment makes the skin glow after just 1 session. Then she advised me to try the Star Walker Angel White Laser for my Hori's Nevus and unevenly toned underarms. After consulting with her and learning that these treatments will give an immediate result, she also told me that one session is not enough especially if the problem is moderate to severe.

Luminisce Podium Now Open + Laser Treatments for A Brighter New You!
Thank you, Dra. Kayce for always enlightening me regarding my skin problems

     Four to six sessions are needed to achieve maximum results. I agree with her because premium skincare is an investment. It's not like an instant solution to the problem but a management that will show great results in the long run. So without further ado, sharing with you the treatments I had that  day below:

A. Luxury Facial (P2,500)

     Indulge in Luminisce’s special facial treatment that deep cleans pores and removes bacteria-causing acne, trapped dirt, and excess oil, while minimizing pores up to 2 weeks! I super love, love this facial treatment. If you're going to try their facials, this one is highly recommended.

Luminisce Podium Now Open + Laser Treatments for A Brighter New You!

     A pain-free procedure that begins with a soothing facial cleanse and relaxing facial massage. Then, skin-nourishing vitamins are absorbed into the skin via sonophoresis, a process wherein ultrasound waves seep nutrients into the skin, removing blackheads and whiteheads along the way. After, electric currents safely pass through the skin using a special machine to lift and revitalize the skin. And finally, an oxygenating machine releases cool, pressurized oxygen into the skin to hydrate and open pores.

Luminisce Podium Now Open + Laser Treatments for A Brighter New You!
Who needs makeup if you have this skin?

B. Skin IontoBooster 

     This treatment can be an add-on after the luxury facial. Reveal younger and smoother skin with Skin Iontobooster, a treatment that dramatically reduces wrinkles and lightens the skin through a noninvasive procedure wherein electric waves go into deeper layers of the skin with no damaging side-effects. Vitamin c serum will be applied and will be absorbed fully by the skin with the help of the electric waves.

C. StarWalker Angel White Laser (P6,000-P13,000)

      StarWalker’s third-generation technology combines the unsurpassed range of pulse duration modes of Fotona’s VSP (Variable Square Pulse) technology with the revolutionary capability of ASP™ to adapt the temporal structure of laser pulses to the biophotonic dynamics of laser-tissue interaction.

     StarWalker’s unique TMD (Transverse Mode Discrimination) laser oscillator technology combined with the ASP pulse control delivers very short (5 nsec) Q-switched pulses consisting of a high energy train of ultra-short bursts of energy in trillionths of a second, enabling photomechanical impact to shatter tiny skin targets without injury to the surrounding skin. StarWalker’s technology thus combines the high energy capabilities of nanosecond lasers with the ultrashort pulse peak powers of traditional picosecond lasers.

The Benefits of Fotona Lasers Include:
  • High-precision, tissue-selective treatments
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use parameter selection
  • Low cost of consumables
  • A haemostatic effect with simultaneous disinfection
  • Less invasive, safer treatments, and shorter downtime
  • Greater patient comfort and satisfaction

     For the laser treatment, I had it done in my face where I have melasma and Hori's Nevus. After prepping my face, one of Dra. Kaycee's in-house dermatologist started the procedure. There's a prickly sensation whenever the laser passes through those spots which are a bit painful because this laser target's deeper pigmentation.

     The pain is tolerable though so don't worry. It's like your skin had rubber band snaps. After a week, the laser also made my facial hair fall off. Since this laser is not only for lightening pigmentation, it also made my skin brighter. It targets the layer of the skin where melanin is stored.

     Still the same laser treatment but this time for my underarms. I have an uneven skin tone in my underarm which resulted from unconsciously scratching it while sleeping. The same procedure was done on both of my underarms. There is a pain but tolerable but the result is incredible. There's a real difference after one session indeed!

Luminisce Podium Now Open + Laser Treatments for A Brighter New You!
Spot the difference. After one session, you can see that the dark lines became lighter. Both are taken with the same camera. 

     I will highly recommend Luminisce Skin and Laser Clinic if you're a newbie who wants to get informed first about your skin issues by an expert dermatologist before undergoing a non-surgical procedure or other kinds of facial treatments. No need to worry about dermatology procedure nightmares that keep you from getting the right skin care treatment that you deserve. Having a good skin is an investment and in the long run, it will save hundreds and thousands of pesos from buying makeups just to cover flaws. Start #Skinvesting now!

Visit Luminisce Skin and Laser Clinic Podium at 4th level The Podium Mall, 18 ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City
Clinic schedule: Monday to Friday from 11AM to 9PM
Saturday and Sunday 10AM to 9PM 

For more information on Luminisce Skin and Laser Clinic's services
visit their website
For inquiries and to book an appointment 
Call/Text/Viber +639171684661/ 026372398
Like them on Facebook: Luminisce
Follow them on Instagram: @luminisce_official
Follow them on Twitter: @luminisceskin
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