5 Things That Are Sure to Make Your Skin Look Healthier

Thursday, January 25, 2018

     Anyone who’s read the blog knows skin care is a topic of interest for our followers. Everyone wants better skin. It’s human nature. Our skin not only shields us from the harsh environment, it also affects how people see us.

     But skin care isn’t just about looks. It’s about your health and well-being. Taking care of your skin doesn’t require drastic measures. Following simple best practices every day is the best way to ensure your skin stays as healthy as possible.

5 Things That Are Sure to Make Your Skin Look Healthier
Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize

     For years and years, there’s been one skincare routine that has stood the test of time. No matter how many high-tech gadgets or advanced ingredients are created, good skin starts with a daily routine of cleansing, toning and moisturizing the skin.

     This 3-step process creates the foundation for healthy skin. And each step can be modified to meet your skin’s unique needs.

     For example, if you have dry skin you’ll need to stay away from cleansers with soap, which can strip moisture from the skin. You would also need to opt for a heavier cream that provides ample moisture. 

Treat Yourself to Regular Facials

     Facials aren’t just a relaxing indulgence. They can dramatically improve the appearance of your skin. Facials have been used for centuries to treat a number of skin-related issues using a custom blend of ingredients. Your skin will immediately feel fresher and moisturized once the aesthetician is done purging the skin of toxins and dead cells. 

     The secret to lasting benefits is to get facials on a regular basis. At Silvermirror, a facial bar in New York City, has made consistency a cornerstone of their business. Their skin specialists teach clients that great skin takes consistent upkeep. Skin needs also change with the season, which is why facials are recommended at least once every three months.
Practice Daily Sun Protection

     The increasing instances of skin cancer are startling. It’s one of the most avoidable types of cancer yet there are over 5.4 million new cases of nonmelanoma skin cancer every year. At that rate, 1 in 5 people in the United States will get some sort of skin cancer in their lifetime.

     UV rays damage skin at a cellular level, which is what can lead to cancer. If melanoma doesn’t scare you, the accelerated skin aging may. Doctors believe that up to 90% of skin aging is caused by sun exposure.

     Do your skin a major favor and slather on SPF 30 or higher every day - not just before an outdoor activity. Even when you’re driving in your car or inside, UV rays can penetrate through the window and sink into your skin. 

Stay Hydrated

     Supple skin starts from the inside. The signs of dehydration can show up in the skin. Actually, a common way to check for dehydration is to pinch the skin and see if it “tents.” When there’s a lack of moisture in the upper layer of skin (stratum corneum) that’s when dehydration sets in.

     Another downside to dehydrated skin is increased oil production. Your glands will go into overdrive trying to make up for the lack of moisture, which can lead to clogged pores. 

     It’s important to understand dry skin is different than dehydrated skin. The easy solution for dehydrated skin is to drink more water. Studies have found that the majority of adults don’t drink enough on a daily basis. To avoid tight, flaky, irritated skin aim to drink at least 11.5-15.5 cups of fluid a day. 

     Hydration is also important on a cellular level. Skin cells are rapidly reproducing to continuously create fresh layers of skin as upper layers naturally shed off. Cells need water to function properly. When the body is dehydrated cells have to work harder keep building collagen and elastin that are needed for supple skin.

Resist the Urge to Pick

     Skin is extremely resilient, but it also scars easily. Scratching, picking and trying to extract blemishes on your own can cause permanent damage that leaves skin discolored. In extreme cases, the skin can become pitted. 

     There are a number of things you can do to improve damage that’s already been done. Chemical peels and microdermabrasion help to exfoliate the skin to reveal healthier skin underneath. You can go a few layers deeper into the skin with laser rejuvenation as well.


  1. Hi! Thank you for sharing this article! Applying after taking bath is one of the best way of taking care of our skin, especially for girls. It is really effective!

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