Product Review: MEYER Purple 2 Piece Set Cookware

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

     I presume that you already know that I don't cook. If you're following me on Instagram, there's a hashtag #kathinthekitchen but it's really the hubby who is cooking in the kitchen. My husband is the king of our kitchen and I'm proud of that but when it comes to buying kitchen essentials, I'm the queen :) I'm the one who decides what to buy especially with cookware.

     Months ago, we decided to renovate our kitchen to the theme that we really like. New kitchen means new kitchen essentials. First up, cookware. It's hard to decide what brand to buy because there's literally a lot but when it comes to trusted brands, there's only a handful and one of them is MEYER. Look like the heavens have heard what I needed and MEYER Cookware Philippines sent the MEYER Purple 2 Piece Set Cookware for us to try. Sharing my thoughts on this cookware set after the jump.

Product Review: MEYER Purple 2 Piece Set Cookware
     MEYER Cookware is solely distributed by World Class Concepts Corp. since 1979. World Class Concepts Corp or WCCC is the sole distributor of globally acclaimed brands for the professional and aspiring chef. They import, market and sell a full line of kitchenware, glassware, household utensils, as well as hotel and restaurant supplies through a highly skilled network of regional distributors and dealers across the country. They have 36 brands and one of them is MEYER. 

Why choose MEYER Cookware?
  • The price points of their cookware offer value for money.
  • They offer a wide array of pots and pans in colors that will suit every kitchen theme.
  • The only brand of cookware that puts different kinds of Teflon coatings to pans.
  • PFOA free non-stick for healthy cooking. The coatings have been perfected for over 50 years and cited as safe for food contact by regulatory bodies such as the FDA and EFSA.
  • Oven safe up to 180°C.
  • Easy to clean, non-stick.
  • Easy grip handles.
  • Heats quickly and evenly.
  • Made of tough aluminum.
  • Easy view cooking glass lid.
  • Meyer cookware is suitable for gas stovetop, halogen, and electric induction cooker.

Product Review: MEYER Purple 2 Piece Set Cookware

size: 16cm (1.9L) Saucepan with lid
28cm (11in) Stir fry pan with lid

price: 4,999 php (around $97.46+)

place bought: Free
Available at all major retailers including SM Homeworld, Robinson's Dept. Stores, Rustans, Landmark, Shopwise, Metro, Sta. Lucia, Gaisano Malls, and KCC Malls. 

     The MEYER Purple 2 Piece Set includes 1 16cm Saucepan and 28cm Stirfrypan with see-through glass lids. It is packaged in a sturdy corrugated box with use and care card inside. Once you open the box, you'll see the cookwares wrapped in a plastic and placed carefully in their respective places.

Product Review: MEYER Purple 2 Piece Set Cookware

     The MEYER Purple Saucepan with lid. The size of this saucepan is 16cm and can fill up to 1L of liquid.

Product Review: MEYER Purple 2 Piece Set Cookware
MEYER Purple Saucepan

     It comes with a see-through glass lid that makes easy viewing of sauce while cooking. The black coating is one of the features that make cooking all types of sauces easy. The non-stick coating will prevent thick and oily sauces from burning.

Product Review: MEYER Purple 2 Piece Set Cookware
MEYER Purple Saucepan

     The MEYER Purple Stir fry pan with lid, on the other hand, is our favorite. We've abused used it for the nth time now to cook our lunch and dinner.  

Product Review: MEYER Purple 2 Piece Set Cookware
MEYER Purple Stir fry pan 

     The size of this saucepan is 28cm around 11in in diameter. We've cooked a lot of dishes using this pan- from stir fry beef with spinach, to pork steak, to frying our boneless milkfish, and the latest is the pork and tofu with tomato sauce.

Product Review: MEYER Purple 2 Piece Set Cookware
MEYER Purple Stir fry pan

     Since I consider a cookware an essential thing in the kitchen, it is an investment too. You use it every day to cook your meals that's why a durable cookware from a trusted brand is what you need to survive wear and tear. For both cookware, I noticed that the handles are sturdy and come with an easy to handle grip. I have small hands and holding the stir-fry pan doesn't give too much strain on my arm even if it's loaded. 

Product Review: MEYER Purple 2 Piece Set Cookware
MEYER Purple easy grip handles

     The design of the lid's handle is not the usual handle shapes like circular or rectangular. An ergonomic type to be exact. It's a solid square similar to the diamond's square emerald shape. Since it's not a big circle or rectangle, holding the lid is easy too. The rivets are very sturdy! I can attest to this because we've compared MEYER'S handle to other brands. Brand x seems to loose easily. 

Product Review: MEYER Purple 2 Piece Set Cookware
MEYER Purple easy view cooking glass lid and handle

     I have a regular non-stick pan at home to compare MEYER'S features. The screw that was used on the lid and the handle are totally different from the regular ones. I'm not an expert on this but after many uses, the water doesn't stay inside that screw part with MEYER while on brand x, the water is trapped inside that screw part.

Product Review: MEYER Purple 2 Piece Set Cookware
MEYER Purple easy view cooking glass lid screw

    What also amazes me is the outside of the pans (base part), it's multifunction because it can be used for halogen, and gas stove. It doesn't change its color easily unlike other pans where after cooking where you'll notice a brown or blackish burnt like color.

Product Review: MEYER Purple 2 Piece Set Cookware
MEYER Purple base perfect for halogen and gas stove top

Product Review: MEYER Purple 2 Piece Set Cookware
Cooking beef stir fry with spinach and the sauce
Product Review: MEYER Purple 2 Piece Set Cookware

What I like:
  • MEYER Cookware, in general, is available in almost all department stores nationwide.
  • The price is cost-effective.
  • I find this cookware Instagrammable and perfect for the newly renovated kitchen with themes. You can mix and match the color of the pans from MEYER Cookware. Different colors are available.
  • MEYER Purple Set is what we need at home since we cook food viands with sauces. 
  • It's easy to use and clean.
  • No need to buy for a separate lid. 
  • The easy view cooking glass lids make cooking a breeze. My husband who cooks our meals doesn't have a hard time viewing the food inside the pan.
  • The rivets are sturdy. 
  • I so love the color purple period.
  • Can be used for halogen, and gas stovetops. 
  • PFAO free, non-stick for healthy cooking. 

What I don't like:
  • None so far!

Will I repurchase? Yes, looking forward to having a frying pan from the Brown Sugar line and other cookware essentials from Anolon and Prestige (these are from MEYER Cookware too).

     I give MEYER Purple 2 Piece Set Cookware a 4.75/5 rating. I highly recommend everyone to invest in cookware since these kitchen essentials are used every day. Imagine this, if you buy a so-so or low-quality cookware, the handles may loosen after few uses or the Teflon will lose it's function and will eventually lose its non-stick capabilities. The aftermath, you'll buy another cookware and will double or triple your expenses.

     On the other hand, when you purchase from a trusted brand like MEYER, you're sure of the quality. No hassles and cooking will always be enjoyable and fuss-free.

Do you have a MEYER Cookware Set at home?

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  1. What is the non-stick coating made of? Does the coating last long?

    1. Dupont Teflon Platinum nonstick. We are still using this everyday and the coating is still in tact though there are small bubbles forming from the inside of the wok.


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