Feature: Liese Blaune DIY Color for Gray Hair

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

     Women nowadays are so busy. I know all of you can relate to this even if you're just a plain housewife who works 24/7 at home or a career woman who has a day or night job in the office. Raise your hands if you're one of these busy women who have a lot on their hands nowadays.

     If they aren’t busy succeeding in their careers, they’re busy nurturing and bringing up their children. Many are opting to do both. Even with amazing multi-tasking skills, even a short break does wonders. You may be busy doing a lot of things, but seeing some grey makes you feel older and haggard. Pampering should always be included in a busy calendar but some will say they lack time. Can you just pause for a minute and look at yourself in front of a mirror? See?! Having visible gray hair isn’t great at all. It makes you feel much older than you are, and you look like you’re more stressed than usual. What to do? Read more below and solve that grey hair problem in as fast as 30 minutes!

Feature: Liese Blaune DIY Color for Gray Hair

Why get your gray hair colored?
  • It evens out your hair making you look younger. 
  • You'll feel refreshed. 
  • No more stressed and haggard look. 

Feature: Liese Blaune DIY Color for Gray Hair
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     No time to go to salon? No problem! Get salon-quality colored hair at the comfort of your own home with Liese Blaune. Surely, more women will feel more confident and renewed with this new home kit. There are a lot of brands that offer at-home solutions to cover your grey hair, but none do as well as Liese. 

Why choose Liese Blaune?

1. Even Gray Coverage

    We have to accept the reality that gray hair can be very stubborn and some coloring kits can't cover and hide them. The formulation doesn't have a great impact on grey hair making it hard for the color to penetrate that's why with Liese, you get a formulation that will give you the assurance that everything gets colored upon application.

Feature: Liese Blaune DIY Color for Gray Hair

2. Easy DIY (Do It Yourself) Application

     This is what I really love with Liese in general. The ease of application making it my number 1 DIY home coloring kit at home for more than 5 years now. If you're so busy and have no time to go salon, Liese is your savior. Liese Blaune also uses the Kao’s Bubble Technology to color hair effectively at home. There's no need to trouble anyone to help apply the hair color. This means coloring you can do it all by yourself. In fact, you can get a new hair color in 30 minutes!

Feature: Liese Blaune DIY Color for Gray Hair

3. There are 5 colors to choose from

     If you'll look at DIY hair coloring shelves, I presume that there are only two or three colors available for gray hair coverage. Chances are, you'll only see boring colors available like black, brown, or dark brown. With Liese Blaune, you can freshen up your look and be in style with great color selection like Golden Brown, Bronze Brown, Rose Brown, Brown, and Black Brown. All the colors are sophisticated, classy, and easy to wear so it won’t be too difficult to choose a color.

Feature: Liese Blaune DIY Color for Gray Hair

4. It takes only 30 minutes

You only need one home color kit and thirty minutes of your day to pamper yourself. You deserve to feel younger, more confident, and revitalized, and that’s all from showing your hair some TLC. Liese aims to deliver great and even color. It’s the same great quality color that doesn’t miss out on those gray strands. Remember, Liese Blaune is here to solve those gray hair problems easy and in no time!

Feature: Liese Blaune DIY Color for Gray Hair

5. Price and availability

     Get beautifully even colored hair for only P419 at the comfort of your home. Liese Blaune is easily available in major department stores in the metro. You can find this at Robinsons Department Store and Supermarket, Metro Department Store, Pioneer Supermarket, PCX Stores and The Landmark Department Store. It is also available online just visit BeautyMNL/Liese

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