Eco-Friendly Wedding: How to Arrange It

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

     Have you ever thought about how much harm an ordinary wedding ceremony can do to our planet? In fact, these indicators and numbers are quite astonishing, indeed. So, if you are a responsible and caring citizen of the planet Earth, you may want to celebrate your special day in an environmentally sound way. To make this happen, get acquainted with the notion of an eco-friendly wedding first. Here you can find several useful pieces of advice on how to celebrate your wedding ceremony in a way it won’t do great harm to our nature. 

Eco-Friendly Wedding: How to Arrange It 
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What is an Environmentally Friendly Wedding Ceremony?

     When we talk about holding an event in a manner that will be not very detrimental to our environment, we express awareness of the amount of waste that our wedding ceremony can produce. Nowadays, living a healthy life and helping the planet to cope with pollution is quite fashionable. That is why people prefer to arrange their special events as safely for nature as it is possible. Couples having green bridal ceremonies are supposed to use only refinable raw materials for tabling setting and integrate alternative decorations, eco-friendly wedding invitations, and many more sustainable tricks. 

     Green ceremonies are very frequent occasions today, which suggests that people start to understand dangers that threaten our Planet. To keep up with the new trend, an increasing number of future husbands and wives sticks to eco-friendly wedding planning where they can show how important it is to stay humane and take care of the environment. Some couples even raise funds for environmental protection during their special occasion. 

     So, if you want to be helpful for the society and the Planet, try planning a ceremony that will fulfill all requirements of a green wedding. 

How to Arrange My Green Bridal Ceremony?

     Are you interested in an exciting possibility to tie a knot like a person who loves nature and wildlife? Take a sheet of paper and a pen to write down all necessary items that will turn your special event into a really environmentally friendly party. We have collected most effective pieces of advice on how to choose appropriate eco-friendly wedding decorations, or what material to use in order to minimize the environmental footprint. 

     Decorations of a banquet hall or another place where the ceremony is held are usually thrown into bins. Sometimes, piles of waste of this kind are left after a wedding party. So, this is the first point to pay attention to at the start of your eco war against senseless, everyday pollution. In order to decorate your wedding place appropriately, follow these recommendations:

     Search for easily recyclable materials. When choosing a beautiful tablecloth or artificial flowers for décor, ask an assistant whether they may be reused or not. 

     The DIY principle of creating different elements of the interior is quite popular today. Don’t throw away your old skirt, just make something new from it. This is a great decision for eco-friendly wedding favors as well. 

     There is no place for plastic. Remove any items and elements of décor made of this material. Use fabrics instead. 

     If you want to decorate your banquet hall with real flowers, it is up to you to decide. There is nothing bad in it as you may give used flowers to special organizations making some incense sticks or other goods of such material.

Dresses Can Also Be Eco-Friendly 

     So, what about your gown? There are some good variants of eco-friendly wedding dresses for your green ceremony. Today, this new trend of wearing old and vintage gowns is very popular among modern brides. Some of them wear their mothers’ dresses or buy one in a second-hand shop. In this way, they save some money that may be donated to a charitable organization. However, if you want to put on a new and unique dress, choose the one that is made of eco-friendly fabrics. 

What about Gifts? 

     Couples who want to get good and useful gifts can make a wish-list of their eco-friendly wedding gifts. This is a great solution to avoid getting a pile of unnecessary bowls and toasters. Besides, you release your guests from the necessity to search for a proper present for you. Another great trick is to ask all your guests not to buy any gifts by simply presenting some money for your honeymoon. In case you have everything necessary for living, just collect some cash for charity during a wedding party. Cast your bread upon the waters when starting a happy family life. It will strengthen your wedlock. 

     When choosing eco-friendly wedding rings, you also bring some benefit to nature. Besides, your ring will accompany you for a very long time, so if you care about environmental protection, it would be reasonable not to buy accessories made of precious metals like gold. People use many resources to mine this precious metal and pollute the environment during these activities. Try choosing silver rings instead; another trick is to buy an old or vintage ring. Who knows, maybe you will start a new tradition, and this accessory will run in your family for generations? 

     Some way or another, arranging a green bridal ceremony is quite beneficial not only for nature but also for you and your newly-born family. Try this new trend on and surprise your guests with a fabulous, unusual party – maybe you will find some supporters during this event?

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