10 Shades of Green and How to Wear Them

Thursday, August 03, 2017

     Green is a fresh color that represents harmony and balance. It is considered that green creates an equilibrium between the head and the heart, making the emotions and the thoughts to be in perfect balance and allowing humans to live happier lives.
     The revitalizing effects of green can be incorporated into women’s wardrobes through many shades of green and in many ways: clothes, accessories and shoes.

10 Shades of Green and How to Wear Them

Flash Green

     This is one of the colors Pantone recommended for spring 2016 color palette and the designers quickly incorporated it in their collections. This shade of green has a refreshing and calm vibe attached to it and it is perfect for spring and summer outfits.

Lime Green

     This shade of green is vibrant and fun. It is perfect for young women who are not afraid to wear bold colors. It looks great combined with classic patterns and neutral colors like black and white.

Mint Green

     For pastel lovers, this shade of green can be the perfect choice for a chic and feminine outfit. It looks great with white and other pastel shades and it is perfect for delicate women who like to highlight their femininity.

Olive Green

     Olive green will always remind everybody of the army uniforms and the power they suggest. This color is perfect for an outfit worn by a strong, independent woman that is not afraid to stand out from the crowd. An all olive green outfit with beige stilettos will definitely make a positive impression.

Citrus Green

     If fresh is what you want from a summer outfit, citrus shades are what you should consider as colors for your looks. Citrus green is not only fresh, it is also playful and joyful, and all in all a perfect addition to a fashionista’s wardrobe.

Jade Green

     A favorite of the team at Fashionology Mag, it is believed that Jade blesses everything that comes in contact with it, it also encourages creativity and wisdom. When it comes to fashion, Jade is a color that stands out in a classy way and it looks great in chic dresses.

Emerald Green

     This green shade looks great in casual and office outfits during fall since it is a cool shade of green that compliments the fall colors in a lovely manner. Another way women can incorporate emerald green into their wardrobes is through night gowns. The elegance emerald green offers it is very hard to match.

Sea Green

     Another color for feminine ladies, sea green can be the perfect choice for bridesmaids’ outfits, garden parties and other outdoor events during spring and summer.

Pine Green

     Pine green is a perfect winter color but it also looks good during early spring. It has a comfortable and warm flair attached to it and it is perfect for cozy outfits and casual days spent with friends.

Moss Green

     Perfect for women who decided to add a little bit of color to their outfits but they are afraid to not overdo it. This shade of green has a lot of grey in it that almost make it a neutral color. It looks good with beige accessories for a warm feeling.

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