Are You Wedding Ready? Your Planning Checklist

Thursday, July 27, 2017

     So you’ve spent the best part of a year planning your wedding, and you’ve been busy ensuring that your big day flows perfectly without a hitch? This wedding checklist will help you make doubly sure that you’ve thought about every little detail, and will offer some suggestions that may perhaps have slipped your mind.

Are You Wedding Ready? Your Planning Checklist
credit: pexels

1. The Venue

Are You Wedding Ready? Your Planning Checklist
credit: pexels

  • I’m quite sure that you’ve got most of the venue planning sorted for your big day already. Food – check. Flowers – check. Music – check. But here are a few points that may have missed your radar:
  • Providing each table with a few disposable cameras invites your wedding guests to become part of documenting your big day. You could get them all developed and make an album to see the day from their perspectives. This will offer more candid, less posed and fun shots, and you will see things that you wouldn’t have otherwise.
  • Hand writing the place holders for the table arrangements is an extra-special touch that takes minimal effort, costs very little and yet speaks volumes. Hand-written over printed, any day of the week.
  • Do you flowers on the tables and decorative arrangements in the venue accent or mimic your wedding bouquet? If not, why not? Consistency is key and a little touch like this would take the style of your wedding to the next level.
  • You will need to provide entertainment and music until the small hours. But it must suit the tone of the night at that time. For example, start with a relaxed low-tempo cover band for your first dance, eventually up the anté to a jazz band, and finally for the night time ensure that you have a DJ to get people on the dance floor.
  • You should consider hiring an evening dance-floor performance to surprise your guests. Perhaps a troupe of flamenco dancers would work well? Hiring performers to occupy the dance floor will really help break the ice for your guests, and make them feel less awkward about getting up there themselves. Well – that and a few tipples!

2. The Food

Are You Wedding Ready? Your Planning Checklist
credit: pexels

     So you’ve organised your three (or four!) course meal for your wedding. But have you spared a thought for people with dietary requirements, allergies or children?

     It’s always a good idea to let your caterers know to provide some healthier, low-fat, low-salt, classic dishes and both vegetarian and vegan options, to make sure that everyone can eat the meal. Prepare yourself for a margin of error – some of your guests may have forgotten to let you know about their dietary requirements, so have some spare fishes of each variety to avoid any mishaps.

     For children in particular, providing smaller crockery and plastic cutlery would be a good way to go. 

3. Wedding favors for your guests

     You and your partner will have already thought in great detail about how you want the day to go. However, it would be a lovely idea to treat your guests too.

     Wedding favors are the modern way to make your guests feel special and thank them for attending your event on your special day. After all, it’s likely that your guests will have travelled from far and wide, some even across continents, to be with you on your unmissable occasion.

     These favors don’t have to break the bank, either. Take a look at the blog for inspiration. There are so many cheap and cheerful products available, including a cute lip balm a wedding favor.

     Best of luck on your big day, and every happiness in your future marriage! What are your wedding plans? Let us know in the comments.

By Hollie Jones
Hollie Jones is a freelance writer and proud owner of lifestyle blog, Hollie and the Ivy. She loves to write about wedding planning and fashion.

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