Unique Gift Ideas for Father's Day That are Sure to Make Him Smile

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

     Now that Mother’s Day has come and gone, it’s time for the dads out there to get their day in the sun. Whether you are looking for ideas for your father, or you’re helping the kids pick something special for dad, there are plenty of fun, unique, and creative gift ideas to be discovered. The hardest part will likely be picking just one of these ideas.

Unique Gift Ideas for Father's Day That are Sure to Make Him Smile

Give the Grill Master a New Toy

     Here's a gift that not only the man in your life will appreciate, but everyone in the family will get to enjoy. A portable charcoal grill gives dad a chance to play around with charcoal grilling whether it be at home, the cottage, or even at a tailgating party. Its compact size makes it perfect for travel.
Create a Customized Gift Certificate

     If you’re looking for a cute and fun gift idea that the kids can take part in creating, then the gift certificate template tool through Adobe Spark could be an excellent thing to use. By making a gift certificate, the kids will get to choose what they “gift” dad with, such as a homemade meal, help with outdoor chores, or cleaning up after the family pet.

     This tool is extremely easy to use and allows you to pick the size of the gift card, the theme and the layout. You can add pictures and text, and then go ahead and print it.

A Themed Subscription Box

     Subscription boxes are huge right now, and it seems like you can find one in just about any category or theme. What's great about the subscription box is that it is a gift that will continue throughout the year. The Birchbox Man subscription box is a popular option and features all kinds of items that are meant for guys. It’s a great and fun way for dad to test out new products.

Brew Your Own Beer - Why Not

     You've probably heard of making your own wine at home, so why not give dad the tools he needs to brew his own beer at home. That's right, he can make his very own beer to enjoy and share with pride. The West Coast Style IPA Beer Brewing Kit is just one of the many kits available. Dads can choose to keep it simple, or get a bit creative with their flavors.

Keep the Golfer Organized

     If your dad or husband happens to be someone that loves to golf, then there is a good chance they will love this idea. The Golf Trunk Organizer does exactly as the name implies, it keeps their golf gear organized in the trunk. There are separate compartments for towels, spikes, tees, balls, and their shoes.

Gifts That Will Impress

     Not only will these gifts leave dad feeling impressed, but they are sure to put a smile on his face. Instead of opting for the same old go-to gift, why not surprise him with something creative and cool?

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