The Beauty Items You Must Carry for a Trip Away

Saturday, May 06, 2017

     Whether you are planning a city break to London or a week away in the sun, you will want to look your best. If you are packing light you might want to avoid taking your whole makeup bag and all your beauty products, but there are some things you can’t afford to leave behind. To keep looking your best for the trip, here are the beauty essentials you can’t forget to pack.

The Beauty Items You Must Carry for a Trip Away


     When you are busy, your skin can suffer, so a good moisturiser is essential. Mix a little with your normal foundation to create a light tinted moisturiser which will keep your face soft and supple. 

Cleansing Face Wipes

     Cleansing is as important as moisturising while you are away, especially if you’re having lots of late nights. Cleansing wipes are an easy and convenient way to remove your makeup before bed, which gives your skin a chance to recover and relax.


     A little highlighter can go a long way so consider packing a sample size for your break. A tiny dab along your cheekbones and forehead can create an easy sun-kissed look for your holiday without weighing your face down with layers of make-up.

Dry Shampoo

     We all know we aren’t meant to wash out hair every day. But, it can be tempting when you are on holiday and you want to look your best all the time. Dry shampoo is a fantastic way to keep your hair looking great on the in-between wash days, but it can also add grip and texture allowing you to create cool beachy waves or trendy up-dos easily. 


     Sunscreen is a must even if you don’t think you are likely to burn. UV rays can harm your skin even when it doesn’t seem sunny so make sure you apply sunscreen before you go out and regularly throughout the day, especially after swimming or time in the sea.

Lip Balm

     Your lips can be the first thing to suffer on holiday. Warmer weather, late nights, and an unhealthy diet can all lead to dry and sore lips. A simple smudge of Vaseline can be all it takes to keep them soft and looking their best. Tinted balms are another fantastic option if you want something more glamorous. 

A Detangling Hairbrush

     Your hair might be in for a tough time, too. Sun, wind, sand, chlorine, salt, and styling products can all leave it knotty and messy. Brushing can be painful and damage your hair further. A detangling brush can have it soft and sleek again without pain and breakage.

A Complete Makeup Palette

     A palette is a great way to take eye, lip, and cheek tints all in one easy package without taking up loads of room in your case. They are available in all different colours, but nudes can look luxurious on holiday.

     This might sound a lot, but it’s literally everything you need to look great and keep your skin and hair healthy while you are away…and while at it, check out HotelsCombined blog post “61 Travel Hacks Designed to Suit Your Next Trip” to make the most of looking great and travel in comfort on your next ultimate glamorous city break.

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