Chatime Sunset Obsession Collection

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

     As a self-confessed fruit tea and milk tea addict, I will not let this new collection from Chatime to just pass like that this season. I'm excited to take some sip on their sunset obsession collection offering this weekend because the nearest Chatime branch in my area is their Trinoma branch. I'm so excited to share with you the flavors of summer from Chatime Philippines :)

     Make your summer exciting anytime, anywhere! Try the new Sunset Obsession collection and dive into its amazing taste. See the flavors of Chatime Sunset Obsession below :)

Chatime Sunset Obsession Collection

Chatime Sunset Obsession

     The Sunset Obsession collection of Chatime is a new line of all-natural teas made with butterfly pea flower that has no artificial colors, no preservatives, and no artificial flavors.

Butterfly Pea Flower
  • The butterfly pea flower is 100% natural, full of antioxidants with health benefits to memory, circulation, and eyesight. 
  • The natural properties of butterfly pea tea, when combined with unique flavors give way to its enchanting colors and a magical transformation when mixed together.
  • The tea reacts with anything acidic such as citric fruit juices by changing colors from a dark blue to a light purple. This transformation is most evident in the middle of the gradient of the new sunset drinks.
  • While the drinks are served in layers, they're meant to to shaken before taking your first sip so that you can enjoy the full combination of flavors :)
Chatime Sunset Obsession Collection
Butterfly Pea Flower
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Chatime Sunset Obsession Collection flavors:

1. Lemon Sunset Tea- butterfly pea flower tea infused with lemon giving deep, purple, blue, and light yellow colors. With just the right amount of tang this one tastes like fresh lemonade, perfect for a warm summer day.

Chatime Sunset Obsession Collection
Lemon sunset tea

2. Grapefruit Sunset Tea- expect tangy grapefruit flavor with butterfly pea flower tea.

Chatime Sunset Obsession Collection
Grapefruit sunset tea

3. Mango Sunset Tea- this butterfly pea flower tea infused with mango flavor is refreshing and perfectly fruity layer of mango. 

Chatime Sunset Obsession Collection
Mango sunset tea

Can't wait to try all the flavors asap. What's you're kind of butterfly pea tea above?

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