6 Weird Beauty Treatments From Around the World

Monday, January 16, 2017

     Some beauty treatments from around the world sound lovely and calming – Greek olive oil for your nails, Swedish birch sap for your skin, Moroccan argan oil for you hair, others – let’s just say we’ll have to try before we buy! Here are some of the oddest beauty treatments from around the world that are taking the world by storm. Would you ever be tempted to give any of these a go?

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6 Weird Beauty Treatments From Around the World

Rolling in the hay in Italy

     In Italy, keeping yourself looking good involves bathing in dirty hay… (Is that why Italians have such great skin)? 

     Hay baths in Northern Italy are the latest crazy beauty treatment you have to see to believe. 

    During the treatment, hot fermented hay is wrapped around you, drawing out your skin’s impurities. Apparently the treatment is great for muscle relaxation, and it helps relieve stresses and tensions as you lie in a big pile of hay. Sometimes herbs are added to the hay for extra aromatherapeutic benefits (making your bed of hay a bed of roses instead).

Purification with fire

     In China, fire purification treatments are used to treat a number of cosmetic and medical ailments and many people speak of its benefits. (Fire purification is actually a traditional Chinese treatment that has been used for centuries). 

     During a treatment session, a therapist rubs ointment onto the patient’s skin, and then covers them with a towel soaked in alcohol that is set alight. 

     If managed properly, the treatment feels warm (not burning hot), but it’s definitely not one to try at home. 

Lithuanian amber aromatherapy

     Lithuania and the Baltic states are famed for their gorgeous natural amber. This abundant natural resource is often seen in jewelry and art, and now you can indulge in some amber therapy too.

     Amber treatments use small quantities of crushed amber which is then rubbed into your skin. Amber therapy is not only supposed to be purifying, but energizing and therapeutic too. 

     Amber is often venerated as a quasi-magical potent substance – this treatment is all about finding rejuvenation from nature. 

Korean bird poo facials

     Who knew bird poop was so good for you? Korean facials made from bird poo are popular in London spas and treatment centers. 

     The facial is actually made from a Japanese warbler’s (a type of nightingale) droppings. The substance was first discovered for its restorative properties by enterprising Koreans over a thousand year’s ago. 

     It’s common knowledge that some organic substances contain plenty of great antioxidants – so it only makes sense to make the most of them!

Booty care

     Popularised by models and dancers, treating your bum to some beauty treatments is big in Brazil (and now America too).

     From deluxe bottom facials available from New York salons that buff and polish your butt, to DIY cosmetic kits, we are all looking for ways to have a better booty. 

     Want to treat your booty well? Start with regular exercise and hydration. 

Thai snail massage

     Snail mucus is another substance that doesn’t fill you with joy at first sight, but facial snail massage is apparently incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating.

     If you can get over the fact that live snails are trailing all over your face, you can benefit from the antioxidants and nutrients in snail mucus that will help your skin look youthful and glowing. Can you stomach it?

     Apparently even the Ancient Greeks knew that snails were good for you and used to crush them up! 

Have you ever tried a beauty treatment that you were a little bit sceptical or hesitant about at first? 

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