Perfect Gift Ideas for New Parents

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

     Those first few weeks (okay, years) with a new baby can be the most magical thing ever, but also extremely challenging. So when you’re thinking of the perfect gift idea for new parents, you’re likely debating between something very personal, practical, or simply super cute. When it comes down to it, these surely stressed and sleep deprived friends will appreciate anything you give them, but we do share some tips below.

Perfect Gift Ideas for New Parents
Perfectly Personalized

     A personalized gift is particularly touching, especially since new parents all love seeing the name they painstakingly chose for their child up in lights, so to speak. These days, just about anything can be personalized. From baby blankets to beach towels to beanbag chairs, personalized gifts abound. You can really think outside the box, though, with something like a personalized baby block. Each side contains personal information about your baby’s birth (statistics, date, etc.), and it will always hold a special place in parents’ hearts. 

     Of course, popping bottles is a time-honored tradition of many new parents, too, and if you want to go above and beyond in this realm, consider a personalized wine, beer, or champagne bottle from Etching Expressions. They can uncork it right away to get the party started, or save it to commemorate their child’s first birthday. Either way, this takes a gift from ordinary to extraordinary. Their mini “It’s a Boy” or “It’s a Girl” champagne bottles are an ideal party favor at showers or parties to celebrate the new wee one.

Practically Practical

     Sometimes we feel like we need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to gift giving, but the simple truth is new parents need baby staples, and lots of them. This includes baby diapers, baby wipes, lotions, scent-free laundry soap, baby shampoo, and more. Although the temptation is to buy them a super adorable baby outfit (which is fine, by the way), the thing they’ll go through the most is the onesie. This is the unofficial baby uniform for about the first year of life. A nice set of plain white ones is fine, or a cheeky one with a saying can be fun, too.

     Do your friends appreciate all things organic and chemical-free? They will be over the moon for this Baby Arrival Gift Set from Honest Company or a Baby Bundle Collection from BeautyCounter. Of course, nothing says simplicity more than a gift card to Target (which will surely be their second home for a while) or one to their favorite local restaurant. Sometimes the most straightforward gift can be the most appreciated one. 

Make Mom Feel Magical

     Listen, Dads, you’re amazing. But let’s face it—the moms are the ones who really went through the most to bring that sweet little baby into the world, and we’re sure you’ll agree. Honoring mothers after childbirth can be extremely special. Whether it’s a mommy-friendly outfit or accessory, a spa day, a cleaning service, a (subtle!) weight loss aid, or meals for a week, this will go a long way in helping her feel less overwhelmed. As every new parent knows, there’s no greater gift than relaxation and “me time” and she’ll be delighted with your thoughtful idea. 

Gather the Group

     A small gift is great, but a group gift can be amazing. Perhaps you know from conversation or even their registry that they’ve been saving for that super special baby buggy, crib, or set of baby monitors that you might not be able to swing on your own. Choosing to give the new parents a group gift can be the perfect way to pool resources and get them the item they’ve longed for. Again, a practical group gift can be ideal, too, such as a meal or cleaning service or even a nanny for a week. Making their lives easier can be the best present they’ll receive.

     New parents are usually overwhelmed, but buying them the perfect gift doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Follow these tips and you’ll score huge points with your friends.

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