Let's Help and Save Baby Johann

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

     As a mother, I feel the pain that my child feels- whether it is a simple toothache or a high fever where he is feeling uncomfortable. It breaks my heart to see my son suffer from pain and sickness. If it's possible for me to take all the pain away from him, I will. 

     Since I'm talking about pain and suffering here, I would like to ask you to read this blog post for a minute and let's help and save baby Johann. Joan Urminita emailed me asking for help. She is a single mother residing in Cainta, Rizal and is knocking in your kind hearts to help raise funds to save the life of her baby with life threatening Liver disease. After seeing the photo of baby Johann, I was teary-eyed. My heart is melting while writing this post. I know how it feels to have a family member who is seriously ill. 
Let's Help and Save Baby Johann
     Joan's baby is Johann Mikhail Urminita, and he was diagnosed with Biliary Atresia. The only way to save him from this terrible disease is a Liver Transplant Operation that has an estimated cost of 4-5 Million pesos. Without the transplantation, babies diagnosed with Biliary Atresia are less likely to live beyond two years old. Here's a message from Joan:
In behalf of my baby, we are humbly knocking on your kind hearts to please help us raise enough funds for his operation and medications. We would really appreciate any form of help we may hopefully receive. Please help us save baby Johann. At 1 year old, he’s doing his best to fight this terrible disease. Still, he cannot fight this alone. He really needs our help. Thank you so much and may God reward you and your family a hundred-fold. :)
     You don't need to oblige yourself to donate a big amount of money, whatever is in your heart it will mean a lot to Joan and baby Johann. You can share this blog post so that it will reach a lot of people.

"Only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have." Jim Rohn

To know more about baby Johann
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