Daryl Feril x Save My Bag Collection

Friday, June 03, 2016

      Hi dearies! I presume that you've already seen the collaborating works of Kiana Valenciano and Daryl Feril on my last posts. Now I'll give a short background on the award-winning illustrator Daryl Feril below and see up close the designs he made together with Kiana below :)

     Negros-based, award-winning illustrator Daryl Feril joins Kiana Valenciano in executing a special, bespoke collection of Save My Bag from Bergamo, Italy, for the Little White Box Pop-up Store in SM Megamall. The said collection calls for Feril to customize each bag with his unique illustrations, upon the client’s request, and under the guidance of Kiana as creative team captain.
Daryl Feril x Save My Bag Collection
Daryl Feril and Kiana Valenciano, overall style curator and creative team captain of the Little White Box Pop-Up Store, with Save My Bag, the must-have bag crafted in Bergamo, Italy
     Feril, a Fine Arts graduate from La Consolacion College Bacolod, has worked previously with such top brands such as Alexandra Mor New York, Bloom Miami, Tory Burch, Lee Jeans, LVMH, among others. Not only that, he was also featured in the edgy Juxtapose Magazine published out of San Francisco. 

     Some of the prestigious awards he has received are: Silver Metal - Best Design - Editorial, Magazine Cover: aDoBo Design Awards 2015, Philippines; and 150 Emerging Talents in Art, Design, Illustration & Photography: ASIAN CREATIVES by Ubies, Tokyo. After a series of meetings, and subsequent creative discussions, Daryl was ready to interpret and execute Kiana’s vision for the collection: bespoke, with no two bags identical. 
Daryl Feril x Save My Bag Collection
Internationally acclaimed illustrator Daryl Feril with the bespoke Save My Bag collection at the Little White Box Pop-Up Store in SM Megamall
     “I really wanted to work on something local and Kiana couldn’t have been a better partner,” he says. Working with the bag’s material, hi-tech Poly-Lycra, which makes it lightweight and waterproof, was a challenge for Daryl. “What attracted me to Save My Bag? It’s the quality and its purpose. And of course the idea of painting something on the bag which I thought of doing before but didn't think that I could. It was my first time painting on fabric and it's a bit challenging but I'm glad it turned out well,” Daryl continues.
     And so, paint brush in hand, Daryl then worked on turning the bags into unique canvases, where he was able to express himself freely. “My idea is that, you can carry art through the different bags,” Daryl relates. “Each bag in the collection features different designs, thereby making them truly bespoke. But I also wanted the them to be close to my illustration style.”
Daryl Feril x Save My Bag Collection
     What then, exactly, is Daryl’s illustration and artistic style? “It’s a burst of floral, taking cues from nature which for me has some of the craziest patterns, colors and creatures,” he explains. “Inspirations evolve; sometimes they are based on what I observe around or through the people I meet. And as this is a collaborative effort, I took in inputs from Kiana too.” 
Daryl Feril x Save My Bag Collection
The bespoke Save My Bag collection - Save My Bag is ultra lightweight, rain proof, and made from hi-tech Poly-Lycra.
     And a cursory look of Daryl’s unique bag creations for Save My Bag reveal all that and more—each one a window into his soul.

     Don’t miss Save My Bag at the Little White Box Pop-Up store, the style portal for various international brands, opening at 3/F SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City. 

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