Can Fairies Help You Find the Answers You’re Looking For?

Friday, April 29, 2016

     We all have times in life when we have to face certain decisions and decide which path to take. And it’s sometimes hard to know what to do, and for many people, when you’re making big choices it can feel that you’re in a lonely place.
Can Fairies Help You Find the Answers You’re Looking For?
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     Fortunately, most of us have friends and family that we can reach out to for advice and for help at those momentous stages of life, but sometimes it can be even more helpful to see your situation from a more objective point of view.

     One way of doing this is to try a psychic reading. While people used to think of psychic readings as a way to make contact with loved ones who have died, today, readings are used in all kinds of circumstances and often as a way for someone to look at their life and get a different perspective on their choices.
Can Fairies Help You Find the Answers You’re Looking For?
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     There are many different kinds of reading you can have today – tarot, psychic, medium, clairvoyant, astrology and angel - and thanks to the internet, it’s easy to arrange a reading at any time. Tarot readings come in different forms and fairy tarot readings can be an enlightening way to evaluate different situations in your life.

How fairy tarot can help

     Fairy tarot cards can provide insights when you are confused by what choices to make – and this can be in any aspect of life. For example, you may be deciding what to do about your job – whether to stay where you are and work towards a promotion, or to move to a new company. If you’re having relationship problems or deciding whether to move house, fairy tarot cards can often seem to offer clear guidance.

     As well as imagery, fairy tarot cards also have written headings and sub-descriptions so they can be easier to interpret than other tarot card decks. One example is the card Two of Summer – ‘Falling in love or making a serious commitment to someone. Forgiveness and the resolution of a problem. Don’t give up – your relationship can be healed.’ On first viewing, this card might seem to just be about love but it can also be interpreted as the forgiveness and resolution of a problem, or ending a disagreement between friends. Another fairy tarot card says ‘Goodbye to the old, hello to the new’. This card could be relevant for different situations you may be facing – perhaps you are making a decision about work or deciding on a house move.

     A fairy tarot reader will be able to guide you through the meaning of the cards, but after you’ve had a professional reading, you may also want to try out doing readings for yourself and for friends with your own fairy tarot deck. The more you use the cards, the greater your understanding of their meanings will become.

     Fairy tarot and other psychic readings can provide that fresh insights into your life and may help you in making life choices. Next time you’re not sure what path to take, try a reading to gain a wider view on your particular situation.

By Charlotte Blairman – A Freelance writer and Instagram Enthusiast

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