Solique by GirlStuff UV-Glow Gel Top Coat Launch

Friday, March 25, 2016

     How I wish that Solique Gel Polish by GirlStuff and Solique UV-Glow Top Coat were invented during the time I'm hooked going to clubs. I'm pretty sure my nails will standout and I don't need those glow in the dark sticks and accessories just to rave. If this glow-in-the-dark top coat was invented before, I'm one happy clubber! So what's the science behind this Solique UV-Glow Top Coat?

     Well, the Solique UV-Glow Top Coat incorporates a photo-initiator that reacts under natural light with a polymer present in Solique Polishes resulting in the steadfast curing film (Gel manicure). UV-Glow also contains a fluorescent brightener which reacts under black light cause the polish to glow! To know more about this revolutionary gel top coat and highlights of the launch, scroll down please :)
Solique by GirlStuff UV-Glow Gel Top Coat Launch
     UV-Glow Solique Gel Top Coat by GirlStuff is a revolutionary gel top coat polish that is formulated to give a different kind of twist to your regular gel nail polish. You'll be surprised once you apply this as a top coat because:

  • It glows in black light or UV Light
  • It increases the shine on any manicure
  • It gives long lasting protection on your polish, making it last longer
  • It dries quickly!
  • It also reacts to sunlight, changing colors outdoors! 
Solique by GirlStuff UV-Glow Gel Top Coat Launch
     During the event, we were treated to an afternoon of fun and excitement as we painted our nails with GirlStuff RAVE Neon Polish Collection. The shades in this collection are perfect for summer. There are four neon shades in this collection namely: Lounge, Breakbeat, Chill, and Techno
Solique by GirlStuff UV-Glow Gel Top Coat Launch
GirlStuff RAVE Neon Collection- Lounge, Breakbeat, Chill, and Techno
     These fun, bright, and bold colors will amp your nails once you hit the beach and can be a pretty accessory for your outfit of the day! For my nail of the day (notd), I've chosen one shade from the GirlStuff Neon Polish collection- chill while two other shades were from Solique Gel Nail Polish collection which I forgot the shade names, bummer :( 
Solique by GirlStuff UV-Glow Gel Top Coat Launch
     I've decided to go for these shades because I want the one of the shades from the GirlStuff RAVE Neon Polish Collection to standout. So what we did was to apply them alternately. To make it more exciting, Solique by GirlStuff UV-Glow Gel was applied on top. 
Solique by GirlStuff UV-Glow Gel Top Coat Launch
Application of GirlStuff and Solique nail polishes
   Look at my nails below- shiny and bright after applying the UV-Glow Top Coat. Giving you instructions on how to use here: For Black Light or UV Fluorescence- apply one coat on clean bare nails or over any polish. Best used on Solique Gel Polish. As a Gel Top Coat- apply one over any Solique Gel Polish. Now for some awesome magic, but it's not magic because it's true awesomeness below :)
Solique by GirlStuff UV-Glow Gel Top Coat Launch
My nails with Solique UV-Glow Gel Top Coat
     My glow-in-the-dark nails that's so ready to party! See how bright and glowing my nails that afternoon. Revel bar at BGC was set-up like a club with black light and UV light for us to rave our nails. The event was awesome- food, friends, mojitos, and our glow-in-the-dark nails!!!
Solique by GirlStuff UV-Glow Gel Top Coat Launch
    Aside from the nail polishes, Fly shades also gave us cool and pretty sunnies perfect for our summer getaway. Thank you so much Fly shades for the treat!
Solique by GirlStuff UV-Glow Gel Top Coat Launch
Thank you so much Fly Shades!
     Thank you so much GirlStuff and Nikki Tiu of Askmewhats for having me. I enjoyed the event and I've realized that party can be done in the afternoon as long as there's black and UV light plus nails topped with Solique by GirlStuff UV-Glow Gel Top Coat!

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