Cute Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

Monday, February 08, 2016

     Have you found out that you’re expecting a bundle of joy soon? Congratulations! Now that you and your partner know you’ve got a little one on the way, you’re probably considering exactly how you want to spread the wonderful news to your family and friends. If you’d like to do so in a more creative way and really shock them with an amazing surprise, try one of these clever tactics. 
Cute Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy
His and Hers Gifts

     If your parents are being inducted to the world of grandparent-hood, you can do your reveal in a very special way that will leave no room for debate. You can buy personalized gifts for the grandparents-to-be to unwrap. Maybe it’s a mug that says “I love my Grandpa” for your dad, or a personalized glass keepsake box with a message about becoming a grandmother for your mom. Whatever you choose, you’ll have them initiated into their new roles in no time with a customized present like this. 

A Family Photoshoot

     If you already have children, plan a photoshoot to celebrate this momentous occasion. Line up your kids on chairs according to age. At the end of the line, put an empty chair. If you’ve discovered the baby’s sex, choose a corresponding blue or pink balloon, tie a weight to the string and place it on the chair. This subtle but creative reveal idea is sure to be a hit and serve as a wonderful memento for this special time throughout your life.

Only Child Expiration Date

     If this will be your second child, let your firstborn be in on the fun. You can make a shirt for your little guy or gal with a hilarious expiration date that will get the message across to your family and friends in no time. On the shirt, have “Only Child: Expiration Date (Your due date)” printed through a company like CafePress. You can present the info in multiple ways. If you’re headed to dinner with your family, have your son or daughter wear the shirt and see how long it takes people to notice the message on its front. If you’re looking for a way to do this announcement on Facebook or some other form of social media, take some photos with your soon-to-be big brother or sister and post it—wait for the likes and comments to start rolling in. 

How Big is Baby?

     You’ve likely encountered charts that help you visualize the size of your baby as your pregnancy proceeds. Four weeks, your baby is the side of a poppy seed, at eight weeks, a raspberry. Many couples wait to tell family and friends after they’ve reached the third month, and if that’s the case for you, your baby is the size of an actual plum at 12 weeks. Whatever the applicable fruit, buy as many as the loved ones you’re announcing to on this occasion. Wrap up each in a box, and when your family members or friends open them, let them try and work through this sweet riddle on their own. Once they get it, prepare for hugs.

You’re On Candid Camera

     This is one hilarious way to get everyone’s reaction to your awesome news and also surprise them in a shocking way. Get the family together for a photo and instead of the proverbial “Say Cheese!” insert the pregnancy announcement of your choice. You could go with “Everyone say [your name] is pregnant!” They’ll parrot back without realizing, and the stares and screams you’ll get will be caught on camera for a lifetime of hilarity. 

A Coupon for What?!

     One fun and inexpensive way to announce your pregnancy is to offer a coupon. Print out a coupon template from and write the message of your choice on its front. I’m partial to “Redeemable for one baby” with your due date written underneath it. Such an easy way to present it, but definitely a shocker for anyone who receives it. 

A Baby-Themed Dinner

     You can really trick folks with this one and test their observation skills. Plan your dinner around baby foods. No, I’m not talking jars of pureed peas here. Think more along the lines of baby corn, baby artichokes, baby back ribs, etc. If you want to make it a bit more obvious, serve it on small cutlery, or for a real kicker serve cocktails in a baby bottle. You’re bound to get some questions, and your reveal answer will be half the fun.

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