4 Tony Moly Multi-Purpose Beauty Must-Haves

Monday, August 24, 2015

     I always thank brands for producing multi-purpose goods. Buying a 2-in-1, 3-in-1, 5-in-1 and so on and so fort is very economical. These products saves time and money. So for a budget conscious individual like me, or should I say a cheapskate one, it's always a eureka moment every time I discover products that has many purpose. When it comes to beauty, there are makeup and skin care products that have dual-purpose. Some have more than two and that's a big bonus.

     Your beauty products should work as hard as you do. Try these TONYMOLY multi-purpose products so you can save time, space, and money. Would you put lip tint on your cheeks? How about apply a self-tattoo eyebrow that lasts for days? Some products have been blessed with the magical ability to serve more than one purpose. Maximize your makeup bag's space or save a little cash with these multifunctional products that performs double, sometimes even, triple duty. To know more about these products which I have tried already, scroll down please! And by the way, if you want to see my reviews just click the word and it will direct you to the post :) Enjoy!
4 Tony Moly Multi-Purpose Beauty Must-Haves

1. Delight Tony Tint (PHP 198.00)

     Delight Tony Tint is a cheek-and-lip duo that just about everyone can wear to create a rosy glow. It has 90% moisture base and contains Rosehip oil, Jojoba Oil and Argan oil that protect lips from drying.

  • Non-dripping
  • Vibrant color in a single swipe
  • Comes in a perfect two (2) shades - Red and Cherry Pink

4 Tony Moly Multi-Purpose Beauty Must-HavesDelight Tony Tint (PHP 198.00)

2. BCDATION All Master SPF 30 PA ++ (PHP 1,198)

     Save yourself from piling numerous products to achieve flawless skin. The BCDation All Master SPF 30 PA++ is an all-in-one product that combines the benefits of BB cream, CC cream, and foundation with broad spectrum SPF 30 protection. Its the perfect multi-purpose beauty product that lets you skip your primer and sunblock, and still get that glowing porcelain-like finish, in only a matter of minutes.

  • 48-hour lasting moisture
  • 24-hours of lasting color
  • Dermatologically-tested for skin safety
  • Contains ampoule capsule that conceals facial lines
  • Contains 45% nourishing serum base which covers skin imperfection with a porcelain-like finish

4 Tony Moly Multi-Purpose Beauty Must-HavesBCDATION All Master SPF 30 PA ++ (PHP 1,198)

3. Tony Moly Blast Fresh Cleansing Tissue (PHP 378.00)

     Save space in your make up bag with a compact, easy-to-carry makeup cleanser--the Blast Fresh Cleansing Tissue. This water-type facial cleansing tissue contains baking powder that works effectively in removing stubborn makeup. It also has natural oil ingredients that thoroughly wipes away remaining make-up and impurities with refreshing finish.

  • Cleanses clogged pores caused by external aggressions
  • Contains active ingredients of Jojoba, Lavender, Olive, Argan and Avocado that thoroughly cleanses lingering make-up while nourishing the skin

4 Tony Moly Multi-Purpose Beauty Must-HavesTony Moly Blast Fresh Cleansing Tissue (PHP 378.00)

4. 7 Days Tattoo Eyebrow 02 Dark Brown (PHP 398.00)

     Eyebrows take important place in determining an impression of one's face. Women cover their face with make-up and draw beautiful eyebrow to look neat and clean. However, when make-up is erased, what are you going to do with that half eyebrow or 'Mona Lisa's eyebrow? TONYMOLY 7 Days Tattoo Eyebrow’ will solve this problem for you. Be an eyebrow beauty by tattoo type eyebrow that you can easily draw without pain and it lasts for a week.

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Lasts 3-7 days once conveniently draw your eyebrows, even after washing your face at night

4 Tony Moly Multi-Purpose Beauty Must-Haves
7 Days Tattoo Eyebrow 02 Dark Brown (PHP 398.00)

     From the items I enumerated above, I have tried Tony Moly's Lip and Cheek Tint, Blast Facial Cleansing Tissue, and  7 Days Tattoo Eyebrow 02 Dark Brown. Except from the first I mentioned above, you can check my reviews by clicking them. I highly recommend these products, they really are time and money savers!

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     TONYMOLY Philippines aims to be the Filipino’s choice for expert Asian skin care. TONYMOLY is made from the combination of an English word Tony, which means stylish and a Japanese word Moly which means to box something. The combined word "TONYMOLY" means "to box something very stylish". TONYMOLY’s formulation does not only fit South Koreans, but also for Filipinos.

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